May 20  Newsletter

Welcome to the May Newsletter.

When reflecting on what to write in this newsletter my mind kept coming back to the  phrase “a lot can happen in a short time.”  The last few months have proved this to be the case for every single person in the country, but on a level that we could not possibly have imagined before.

The news around Coronavirus does make grim reading, and our thoughts must first and foremost be with families who have lost loved ones  in the last few months, not only to  Covid 19 but to the whole range of conditions that highlight human frailty to us.

For the last month, the practice has been closed for face ot face consultations on the advice of the Chief Dental Officer for Scotland and Scottish Government. At present it looks as this may continue on for a while longer too.  I know in the many conversations I have had by text, Zoom and phone  that the whole team is missing being able to work direct face to face with our patients.

We are not idle during this time, most of the team have volunteered for redeployment to assist the NHS during the crisis  and we are providing  advice and emergency assistance by telephone every 9-5 Mon – Friday, we are also now developing other ways that we can temporarily  help and consult remotely.  Full details on what we can do until we are able to re-open are included later on in the newsletter.

Finally if you have heard enough about Coronavirus and simply would like some happier news please scroll on to the end of the newsletter.

You can view the rest  of the  newsletter as a PDF here

Until we can see you in person please do stay home and stay safe.

With all good wishes

Fraser , The Team

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