Lip Fillers & Enhancement

Our team are trained in facial aesthetics and  use a selection of resorbable dermal fillers made from hyaluronic Acid   to enhance or improve the definition of your lips. These products, like Juvederm  temporarily add volume and shape to your lip area but resorb totally away over time. Lip fillers come in a variety of consistencies,  thicker lip fillers can last  longer but are more noticeable in place. Softer fillers last a little less time but tend to feel more natural.

What can we help with ?

  • you can add  volume to thin lips
  • enhance or create a more pronounced cupids bow
  • provide more  definition at  the lip border to stop lipstick bleeding
  • reduce the visual imbalance in  uneven lips
  • reduce fine “smokers” lines

How long does it last 

Hyaluronic acid  is naturally present in the body and will be resorbed over a period of time. Everyone is different but typically results last 3-6 months. We aim for a natural look and will only place fillers for patients after an initial  consultation where we discuss your concerns and  and talk about what can be achieved. In  line with best practice any lip filler or other aesthetic treatment agreed is carried out at a separate session.

Lip Fillers & Facial Aesthetic Enquiry

Our approach has helped many of our patients enjoy a smile makeover  without the need for injections or drilling away substantial quantities of otherwise healthy teeth why not book your free consultation below.



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