What to look for in a dental hygienist

Our Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh is a suitably qualified professional who plays a valuable supportive role at our dental clinic that encompasses preventive and therapeutic dental services and treatments. Another vitally important role of a Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh is to educate patients about oral hygiene, how to take care of their teeth and how to clean them properly.


Considering the various roles played by a Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh, much thought needs to be given to the choice in professionals that will deliver great quality dental care. At Craigentinny dental clinic we focus on offering an exceptional dental experience that can only be met with by our dental practitioners having a few pertinent characteristics.

Desirable qualities to look for in a dental hygienist

Qualifications as stipulated by regulatory bodies

The practising dental hygienist should have the relevant qualifications as well as skills deemed necessary by regulatory bodies to ensure patients receive appropriate standards of care. In order to qualify to treat patients, dental hygienists need to pass prescribed courses and examinations that prove competencies.

The ability to listen to patient concerns

We believe that it is not only important that we provide a high level of care to our patients but that we also take the time to listen to the concerns patients have about their oral health. The ability to listen is vital if we are to correctly diagnose a problem in order to suggest a suitable treatment plan.

Respond to patients with empathy

Empathy allows us to be more aware of the discomfort patients may experience on a visit to our dental clinic. We acknowledge that such experiences can be quite traumatic for patients and we do our best to address these issues with understanding, sensitivity and compassion.

Effective communication skills

Next to great listening skills, a dental hygienist should also be able to communicate well with their patients. This is important to ensure patients receive critically vital information, advice and tips in a way that is clear and relatable.

Analytic ability

In addition to technical capabilities, the dental hygienist should possess a high level of analytical abilities necessary for successful treatments. Often a holistic overview of a patient’s situation has to be gleaned to get to the root cause of the problem.

An engaging professional with the required people skills

A great dental hygienist has an enviable capacity to ease patient anxiety by displaying a calmness of manner. He/she is able to engage with patients and present complex information in a clear and digestible way.

Pays attention to the details

Many of the tasks performed by a dental hygienist necessitate a certain level of painstaking attention to detail and focus. A great deal of care needs to be taken to assess symptoms correctly and safely while at the same time making sure patients do not experience any discomfort.

Find a registered dental hygienist at Craigentinny dental clinic who believes in empowering and educating patients to promote excellent dental health. Get the right dental care from qualified and compassionate dental practitioners.

What are the benefits of intravenous sedation dentistry?

One of the biggest fears we at Craigentinny dental clinic find that prevents patients from receiving dental care that is essential to their oral health, and in return, their overall health, is overwhelming anxiety in seeking treatment at a dental clinic. In order to help our particularly nervous patients, we have made available Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh.


We offer Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh through the means of intravenous sedation as we find this method has a number of desirable benefits for patients.  Our professional dental team welcomes questions from patients interested in Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh. Intravenous sedation is widely used by dental practitioners worldwide mainly for its effectiveness and for being friendly on a patient’s pocket while making certain that they are comfortable and anxiety-free.

Sedation Dentistry can play a vital role in helping patients take care of their oral health, especially those who have an overpowering fear of needles and other dental instruments. Dental practitioners are better able to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently if the patient is relaxed and comfortable. In many situations, patients can receive multiple procedures in a single session. This presents a powerful argument for efficiency and saving patients time and money.

Reasons why IV sedation makes for a good choice

Can be used in conjunction with a diverse array of dental procedures

Patients can choose IV sedation when undergoing a range of procedures from root canal procedures to tooth extractions.

Advanced level of comfort

IV sedation places patients into a blissful state of a deeper level of relaxation (compared to other types of sedation treatments). In essence, patients remain in a semi-conscious condition throughout a dental procedure.

IV sedation is safe

Patients worried about how safe this method is should note that there will be constant monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure.

Comes into effect much faster

Seeing that the anaesthetic drugs are administered directly into the bloodstream, they are able to take effect relatively more quickly. Other types of sedation like oral medication can take up to an hour to kick in while it only takes seconds for the drugs to work intravenously.

Controlled dosage allows for a speedier recovery and re-orientation

An experienced dental practitioner can expertly adjust the dosage of sedation to provide a patient with a higher level of relaxation. This can be done in incremental amounts which can help the patient to recover faster once the procedure is over. Patients are advised that it is not recommended that they drive home themselves from the dental clinic but appoint a designated driver instead.

The anticipation of pain and the rise in anxiety levels at the thought of a dental procedure can have an adverse effect on a patient’s health – increase in blood pressure and reduced oxygen intake in the heart – problems that are eliminated when sedation dentistry is used.

We are more than happy to discuss with you your concerns and anxieties about receiving dental care. Our highly experienced dentists at Craigentinny dental clinic will talk you through the process of sedation dentistry and how it can be used to help improve your oral health.

Why should I choose a family dentist?

A Dentist in Edinburgh who accommodates for the dental needs of the whole family at one dental clinic is worth considering for the numerous benefits this affords. A family dentist in Edinburgh is suitably skilled and trained to treat patients across the age spectrum. At Craigentinny dental clinic we are aware that patients of different age groups may require different approaches to dental care. Children may need a more gentle and compassionate approach as would patients of the older generation. In addition to the approach, these age groups also differ in their dental care needs as well.


A family dentist in Edinburgh would need to provide a diverse range of dental treatments. At Craigentinny dental clinic we cater for these diverse needs through the arrangement of services and procedures from general dentistry to cosmetic treatments.

Importance of paediatric dental care

There are a number of reasons why children and babies require dental care. One of the more important ones is for parents to gain an understanding of the critical role of fluoride in the development of children’s teeth.

At these appointments dental practitioners have the opportunity to conduct an assessment of child’s teeth to make sure they develop as they should and take any proactive measures should there be signs of potential problems.

Preventive dental treatments that protect against common dental issues such as cavities and tooth decay can be particularly beneficial for children, one example is sealants.

The benefits of seeking dental care for children are not always immediate. When exposed to these visits in c

hildhood, children learn the important role dentists play in the maintenance of good oral health. Children become better equipped and empowered to look after their teeth and carry these habits into adulthood.

Importance of adult dental care

Once permanent adult teeth make their appearance, they need to be well-cared for to offer a lifetime of service. Once they fall out, adult teeth can only be replaced with dental restorative options as they do not grow back. Other common types of issues adult patients have to deal with include gum problems.

To avoid any potential problem with their dental health, adult patients are urged to put the following measures into place:

  • Establish a recommended oral hygiene practice at home as directed by a dental practitioner which includes thorough brushing of teeth.
  • Seek professional dental care and advice when noticing symptoms such as bleeding or swelling.
  • Cut back on excessive sugar consumption by avoiding convenient sugar-laden foods.
  • Increase water consumption as this will maintain saliva production which is essential to eliminate acids in the mouth as well as maintain the Ph. balance.
  • Keep an eye on dental health by scheduling dental appointments with a professional qualified dentist.

As they age, senior patients may need to look into teeth replacement treatments such as dental implants or dentures to replace missing teeth. Tooth discolouration may also become a concern (this is a natural process in ageing) and a dentist can suggest suitable treatments available.

Get quality dental care for the whole family at Craigentinny dental clinic. Our range of treatments and procedures meets the oral care needs of all ages.

Looking after your childs teeth in lockdown

I am at home  instead of in the practice right now, and having spent a day helping with home schooling of my children it got me thinking about the things we should be doing in lockdown to look after our kids teeth.

With the daily routine upset  there is an increased risk of us all doing things that cause dental problems such as snacking more or, with a disturbed routine not keeping up with our normal home care.
Things can happen fast in children’s mouths so it is even more important for them .

We need to remember that to get tooth day you need 3 things

Sugar + Bacteria  + Time = Decay

Sugar is consumed by the bacteria which make acid that then attacks our teeth. Over time and with multiple repetitions of this cycle we get decay

So my recommendations for things you can actively do for your kids

Minimise the frequency of sugar exposure which means

  • 3 square meals a day, try to minimise snacking 
  • If they are snacking make sure its sugar free
  • drinks between meals should be water  or milk 
  • if you are using juices they must be Sugar Free as the frequency of the sugar exposure is more important than the amount
  • No added sugar drinks still contain sugar and are damaging to teeth.
  • And diluting regular juice does not make it safe


This is about really thorough cleaning at least twice a day. If ever there was a time to take a look at how well, even your older children, are brushing it is now. Maybe even think about digging out some disclosing tablets to give them feedback.

If we can reduce the total amount of bacteria in the mouth then when sugar is consumed there are fewer bacteria to make acid and so less damage will be done

Finally make sure you are using a good toothpaste that contains fluoride at a concentration between 1000parts per million and 1500parts per million  

Thinking of cutting flossing out of your dental regime? Four reasons not to by Craigentinny

As a professional dental surgery, our team at Craigentinny gets asked a fair array of questions about preventive dentistry.


Brushing your teeth twice a day and attending regular check-ups are important, but there is so much more you can do to prevent both decay and gum disease at home. And, one way to prevent both periodontal disease and decay is as simple as brushing.

We are talking about flossing.

Before you groan and think of a way to downplay its importance to dental hygiene, flossing is incredibly important for maintaining dental care. Yet, up to 80% of dental patients don’t floss their teeth after they brush. Shocking!

At Craigentinny, our dental hygienist in Edinburgh can help you to maintain good dental health and can advise you on other ways to prevent issues with your dental hygiene before they occur. We can show your children too! Teaching a correct brushing and flossing technique is essential to keeping their teeth white and their mouths healthy!

But, back to adult dentistry; why is flossing twice a day so important? Our dental hygienist in Edinburgh will explain.

More effective

OK, so, while brushing your teeth is a great way to clean the fronts and the backs of them, how can you ensure that you have cleaned those small gaps between your teeth? With flossing!

If you want to maintain a thorough and effective dental regime, our dental hygienist in Edinburgh recommends flossing your teeth after you brush.

Providing a more thorough clean for your teeth, it prevents the build-up of bacteria in those hard to reach places, which can turn into cavities or tartar. It’s not worth the risk!

Gum protection

Obviously, while flossing gives the surface of your teeth a more thorough clean, it also provides your gums with a more intense clean too.

While we recommend flossing your gums gently (don’t make them bleed!), it can be surprisingly effective at removing plaque or bacteria. Left unchecked, these microscopic nasties increase the risk of gum disease. So, get some floss and get flossing!

Other diseases can be prevented

You have probably heard of the link between plaque accumulation in the mouth and other conditions, such as heart disease.

These statements are not to just scare you into performing better oral hygiene! There is a substantial link between plaque, gum disease, decay, and cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and even cancer. The reason? If left in place, plaque and bacteria cause inflammation of the gums, making them more porous. In turn, this allows more microbes access to the bloodstream, which can cause havoc on the other systems in your body.

Brush and floss regularly!

Reduces bad breath

Bad breath is not only a social faux-pas, but it is not fun to have either.

While mouthwash can help eradicate this in the short-term, regular flossing will remove odour causing bacteria, leaving you with fresh, minty breath and a glowing smile to match.

So, make sure that the next time you brush your teeth that you floss them too!

Worried about attending your dental check-up? How sedation dentistry at Craigentinny can help

If you are a nervous dental patient, the idea of walking into a dental surgery can fill you with dread, or even panic.


Dental phobia, or dentophobia as it is known in psychology, is an extremely common problem. But, while it is commonly seen, its impacts on both your physical and oral health can be devastating. As humans tend to avoid situations that are painful or unpleasant, the majority of those who suffer from dental phobias put off visiting their dentists for years, meaning their oral health is left unattended.

However, there is some good news! If you are scared about getting into the dental chair, many dental surgeries provide options that will help you to relax.

At Craigentinny, we know that fear of the dentist is an important issue. We take it very seriously and will always aim to make the most phobic of our patients feel relaxed while in our care. While you may think you will never be able to sit in a dental chair unaided, we can offer you a solution that is guaranteed to calm your nerves; sedation dentistry in Edinburgh!

Are there any advantages to sedation dentistry in Edinburgh? Why should you undertake it at all? Read on to find out!

No discomfort

So, one of the key reasons many people have fear of the dentist, to begin with, is related to discomfort from a past experience.

At Craigentinny, we don’t want to make you feel nervous and we certainly don’t want you to be in any pain, so when you come to us for sedation dentistry in Edinburgh, we can assure you that any procedure you undertake with us will be painless.

Sedation is also perfect if you have a fear of needles!

No recall

We have briefly discussed how memories of previous traumas can be an underlying cause of dental anxieties and phobias.

While it is easy to state that not all dentists are the same, at Craigentinny, we know that this will not help soothe your nerves, and so, sedation is a sensible option for changing your opinion of dental professionals.

Why? Because when you awake from sedation, you will have no memory of the procedure and you will have a gorgeous looking set of teeth as a result. Positive reinforcement at its best!

One visit

One of the worst things to inflict on someone who is scared of the dentist is having to attend multiple appointments.

With sedation, an added advantage is that our dental team will be able to perform multiple treatments on you all at once. Fillings, root canals, and even extractions can be completed in one visit, meaning a reduction in appointments – and anxieties.

No anxiety!

Of course, the main advantage of sedation use in dentistry is that it eliminates anxiety.

You won’t be forced to sit through disconcerting noises, smells or experiences and will wake up with a pristine looking set of teeth, without feeling any worry or fear.

Your comfort is our goal at Craigentinny.

Looking for suitable adult braces in Edinburgh? A brief look at our three most popular aligners

Fed up with having a crooked grin? Does it stop you from smiling in photos?


Luckily, there are many solutions to having a slightly off centre smile, even if you are an adult who has never undertaken orthodontic treatment before!

But, with the range of adult aimed aligners growing every day, which one is most suited to straighten your smile? Many patients feel overwhelmed when researching aligners online, as they all seem very similar.

Each aligner we use in Edinburgh on our adult patients is targeted to correct a different issue; Invisalign is more suitable for minor protrusions and gaps. Another aligner that our team at Craigentinny can offer, the Inman aligner, is better at realigning more complex orthodontic issues.

When you come to Craigentinny, our team will help you find the perfect brace in Edinburgh, to give you a straighter smile in as little time as possible. As our team is experienced at correcting a wide array of alignments, gaps, and protrusions, all with varying severity, we guarantee that we will find a way to get you the straighter smile you have always wanted!

But are there any notable differences between the braces in Edinburgh that we can offer? Read on for a basic guide to our most popular aligners.


Invisalign is one of our most popular braces in Edinburgh.

Suitable for busy people, our team at Craigentinny will offer this aligner to those who have minor to moderate orthodontic issues in their mouths. Also, if you are a bit self-conscious about how you look or need to keep up appearances for your job, Invisalign is the option for you!

But, if our team decides that you need an orthodontic device with a bit more bite, you may be better suited to our next aligner!

Inman aligner

A brace more suited for our patients who require a bit more of an intense dental reshuffling, the Inman aligner is a fitted appliance.

Using a set of clear brackets and a wire, these aligners use a sliding motion to move your teeth into their new position. Unlike orthodontic aligners, your treatment with the Inman aligner could be completed in 6-10 weeks. However, this aligner is not suitable for correcting misalignments in the back of the mouth, and focuses solely on the teeth at the front of your smile!

Ask our team at Craigentinny if this nifty aligner is for you.

Six Month Smiles

Suitable for patients who only need some help straightening their front teeth on both jaws, Six Month Smiles is a great aligner choice for a cosmetic sprucing up!

Similar to the Inman aligner, this device is fitted and will require some adjustment from our dentists at Craigentinny to work correctly, but this is necessary for the fast turn-around time. Indeed, if you only need a moderate straightening or alignment, with Six Month Smiles, you could have that straighter smile in as little as 10 weeks! Call our team today about adult orthodontic options. We are sure we can help you!

Looking for a suitable family dentist in Edinburgh? Five things that make Craigentinny different!

Have you just moved to Edinburgh? Are you looking for a new dental surgery for yourself and your family?


As dentistry has evolved, so have people’s expectations of what a dental team can do; more and more people approach dental professionals to have their teeth whitened, bonded and straightened than ever! Cosmetic dental options have taken the world by storm.

If you are looking for a surgery to attend twice a year for a check-up, then you may not be too bothered about the one you choose. If you want to gain something different from your dental visits, come to us!

At Craigentinny, our dentist in Edinburgh is perfect for you and your entire family. We offer a wide range of treatments; everything from basic check-ups to dental implants! We prioritise patient comfort and so, if you are a bit nervous about attending a dental check-up, our team can help you beat your fear! What more could you want from a dental surgery?

But, should you join our dentist in Edinburgh? How is our surgery different? Read on to find out!

Flexible appointments

Spare time is difficult to come by in the modern world.

Our dentist in Edinburgh is able to offer all of our patients early morning and evening appointments, so you don’t have to worry about taking time away from your family or work to attend a dental check-up. We also offer same-day treatments for any patients with a toothache or an emergency, helping you get back on track as soon as possible. Perfect!

Nervous patients

One of the best parts of joining Craigentinny is our special programme for nervous patients.

Rather than simply help you through a check-up, our team will help you to overcome and beat your dental anxiety, allowing you to feel comfortable in any dental practice.

Using a combination of E-courses, talks, programmes, and sedation, we will help you to become accustomed to dental treatments, so there will be no more worries about upcoming appointments!

Family dentistry

It may seem fairly obvious that most dental practices are able to treat entire families, but at Craigentinny, we take this one step further.

We can help your children learn how to care for their teeth from a young age, while also making dental care fun. We can apply fluoride sealants to help reduce cavities and decay, keeping your children’s teeth in top shape! Perfect!

NHS patients welcome!

Our team at Craigentinny believes in providing the best care to all of our patients.

While many private surgeries do not offer treatment to NHS patients, we are proud to be able to extend our expertise to our NHS patients, ensuring that everyone gets the high-quality dental care that they deserve.


At Craigentinny, our dental team is dedicated to giving you the best oral health possible and will work with you to keep both your and your family’s teeth in top shape. From our hygienists to our cosmetic specialists, keeping our patients’ teeth healthy is what makes us smile.

Do your gums bleed when you brush? Do you have gingivitis? Our hygienist at Craigentinny can help

If you are like the majority of people, you may assume that maintaining a healthy smile involves attending biannual check-ups, brushing your teeth twice a day and avoiding sugary foods.


Of course, these are all important parts of keeping your smile healthy, but as we age or go through other changes like pregnancy or illness, we may need a bit more help to keep our teeth looking pearly white and healthy.

While many dental patients find switching to a stronger toothpaste helpful, in many instances, this is not enough to keep their oral health in top shape and so, many people find themselves turning to our team at Craigentinny for more advice.

Luckily, at Craigentinny, we have an onsite dental hygienist in Edinburgh, who can help you maintain good oral health, regardless of what life has thrown at you! If you are pregnant, undertaking treatment with a strong medication or simply have a family history of gum disease, our team can help!

How exactly does our dental hygienist in Edinburgh do this? How are they different from other members of our dental team? Read on to find out!

Scale and polish

One of the most common procedures that our dental hygienist in Edinburgh performs on our patients is the scale and polish.

Designed to remove tartar and plaque below the gumline, this treatment reduces the risk of periodontal disease like gingivitis and, if you already have gum disease, it is one of the first steps in the treatment process.

Once the plaque is removed, using a specialised brush, our hygienist will gently polish your teeth, to make them look whiter and healthier. Perfect!

Prescription mouthwash and toothpaste

There are many reasons for our patients at Craigentinny to need prescription-strength toothpaste and mouthwash.

One of the most common involves acid erosion of the enamel, caused by pregnancy or even medical treatments like chemotherapy. As pregnant women often experience morning sickness, this causes excessive levels of acid to come into contact with the teeth. In order to prevent acid damage, a prescribed toothpaste or mouthwash can help neutralise the acid and protect the teeth. An associated treatment that our hygienists perform may also involve painting fluoride sealant onto the teeth, to boost the strength of the enamel.

Treatment plans

If you have gum disease, are pregnant or are currently taking a medication that may weaken your enamel, (such as immunosuppressants), then you are going to need a specialised dental plan.

Devised by both our hygienists and regular dental team, these customised plans will endeavour to keep your teeth and gums in the best of health, and will prevent issues such as gum disease, tooth decay or even tooth loss! As part of drawing up your plan, our hygienist may need to take X-rays of your teeth, to help explore issues such as jawbone loss or gum disease in more depth.

Remember, brushing and flossing alone are rarely enough to keep your teeth healthy! Book an appointment to see our dental hygienist today!

Is sedation dentistry only suitable for nervous patients? Ways it can help other dental patients

Do you have a sensitive gag reflex? Do you have very sensitive teeth?

While most people have heard about practitioners using sedation on patients who are phobic of the dentist or needles, few have heard about the other instances in which the use of sedatives may make your dental appointment simpler.

sedation dentistry edinburgh

Of course, while comorbid medical conditions may play a role in whether you are suited to being sedated (and indeed, if you are taking any specific medications), at Craigentinny, if you are sensitive to someone examining your mouth or have a low pain threshold, sedation may be beneficial to you!

At Craigentinny, we are proud to be able to offer sedation dentistry in Edinburgh to our most nervous and phobic patients. However, if you are concerned about your check-up or procedure for other reasons, then talk to our team to see if you are a suitable candidate to undergo sedation via an intravenous drip.

So, what are some of the other scenarios that may warrant you requiring sedation dentistry in Edinburgh?


Most of us have seen it portrayed in films or on television shows; a child who cannot sit still in the dental chair for their check-up and ends up putting their dental practitioner in a whirl; a classic comedic set-up!
However, there are many medical conditions that may cause a dental patient to move uncontrollably and suddenly, such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis. Of course, when our team is holding a drill to perform a filling, this is unlikely to be feasible without some kind of sedative in place. So, if you suffer from a condition that may cause erratic movement while undertaking a dental check-up, you are likely to be a candidate for sedation dentistry in Edinburgh.

Anaesthetic resistance

If you are a person who requires extensive dental work from our team at Craigentinny, but cannot tolerate anaesthetic due to conflicting medication or conditions, then sedation is going to be the best option for you.

Relaxing you for up to an hour at a time, the sedatives we use in our intravenous drip rarely have counter interactions with medication or medical conditions and will allow our team to perform the required dental procedures, while you relax.

Of course, if you are concerned, please discuss your medication or your medical condition with our dental team.

Medical conditions

While we discussed medical issues earlier, in this section we will not be looking at medical issues that cause uncontrollable movement.

If you suffer from either neck or back issues, such as ankylosing spondylitis or a slipped disc, it is going to be hard for you to hold one position for too long; while it may not be uncomfortable in the chair, it may cause discomfort at a later date and so, if you have a serious issue with your back or neck, talk to our team about undertaking sedation for your dental check-up.

And of course, if you are nervous, or phobic of the dentist, sedation is also an option for you!