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Reformat your smile with discreet braces in Edinburgh

Metal braces have gone out of style but they are still a great way to align your teeth and get rid of bite problems. However, over the years an increasing number of adults have turned to alternative teeth straightening routes. Luckily, dental technology has come a long way and you can now benefit from other treatments which offer the same results as conventional braces without the trouble caused by metal brackets and wires.


At Craigentinny, we offer a comprehensive range of discreet braces in Edinburgh, so that you can straighten your teeth without bringing too much attention to your mouth. In order to determine which treatment is best for you, simply book a consultation appointment and we will examine your teeth carefully.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a ground-breaking teeth straightening technique that can move your teeth into their correct positions within 6 months (or less!). Unlike traditional braces, Six Month Smiles braces in Edinburgh blend in with your natural teeth because they are made of transparent brackets. Six Month Smiles braces do not change the position of your bite and are more comfortable to wear than regular braces. These braces focus only on your front 6 teeth (the ‘social 6’) and work for almost everyone who wishes to have a straighter smile quickly and effectively.


Invisalign aligners help straighten your teeth with the power of 3D technology. The system consists of a series of plastic, removable, customised aligners that help position your teeth correctly over a specific period of time. At first, we will examine your teeth in order to check whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you and if you decide to proceed, we will eventually create your customised aligners. Simply wear them every day for at least 22 hours and take them out only when you have to eat, drink anything but water, brush and/or floss your teeth.

The Inman aligner

The Inman aligner is a discreet, removable device, which can fix problems such as crowding and protrusion of the front teeth. This straightening system consists of a pair of opposing bows that put force against each other, efficiently pushing and pulling your teeth into alignment.

Teenagers and Braces A Recipe For Family Arguments?


Why Do Braces Cause Arguments At Home?

Braces are  a common feature of the teenage years, they help create stable, beautiful healthy smiles for the long term. However the process can be a bit stressful and lead to a few family arguments  along the way!   Hopefully this post will help to avoid some of these arguments in your house.

I have played referee on more occasions that I can count between parent and child on the subject of cleaning teeth around braces.  Dentists know, and most parents fear, that  poor brushing technique  or lack of brushing  will lead to early tooth decay developing around braces.  If plaque around braces is not removed the teeth may be straight at the end of treatment but can also have demineralised chalky white areas that are visible around where the brackets were fixed in place. These demineralised areas are more at risk of absorbing stains or at worst breaking down into decay. While treatments are available for this they are not always 100% successful so as ever, prevention is far better than cure.

Orthodontists and their teams do stress to every patient  the importance of day to day home care. Ultimately  though, they cannot there  every day to check tooth brushing  so the responsibility for keeping the teeth brushed and free from plaque rests with the wearer of the brace.  This is where the arguments tend to start, when parents who are rightly concerned  provide a healthy dose of well intentioned “reminders” to brush. This  my son tells me  can sometimes sound a lot like  “nagging,”  although I of course would see it differently!

At an appointment with us as the  family dentist,   we are frequently asked to take on the  umpires role and divine…….. are the teeth clean or not?  This places us in a tricky spot, knowing exactly why Mum / Dad are asking but also aiming to keep our brace wearing teenager on side.  The argument usually goes something like “I keep telling him / her to brush his / her teeth, ” followed by the retort  “I DO brush my teeth”  ….so who is right and how can we repair family harmony at this point?

Plaque is not always easy to see until it is really well formed and “lumpy” on the teeth. I would also wager to suggest that at the times of the day that most teenagers are examining their teeth they may not be at their observant best. Interestingly most of our young patients who wear braces do think that their teeth are clean and claim to have spent time brushing. What we see in reality in that the same areas bet brushed every day and similarly the same areas get missed.

To settle this argument and hopefully restore domestic peace and quiet I do recommend enlisting the services of a hygienist who provides a treatment approach called Guided Biofilm Therapy  or GBT for short.   Here is a quick walk through of what it involves and how our hygiene team use it to help motivate encourage and help our brace wearing a patients.

Guided Biofilm Therapy / GBT / Disclosing
Three tone disclosing solution showing areas of young and old plaque build up.

Here we see a 3 tone disclosing solution in use, pale pink shows plaque that is new, dark blue shows old plaque that has been there for more than 24 hours and the yellow/ green /pale blue ( depending on your monitor) shows area where the area is highly acidic, which means conditions are right for tooth decay at this moment.

You can see areas where the teeth are really clean – like above the upper front tooth and areas where the teeth are really coated with bacteria. This alone solves arguments as to whether the teeth are adequately cleaned or not, but more importantly allows  us to demonstrate to our patient exactly how to use a brush to get rid of it.

The purpose of disclosing is not to give Mum or Dad “it told you so rights” but to help us educate the person with the brace as to exactly what the scale of the problem is.

teeth with disclosing solution on the top teeth and the lower teeth cleaned
After Airflow cleaning on the lower teeth.

Next stage is to wipe out all of the bacteria ( called biofilm)   for this we use a technology called Airflow which relies on air, water  warmed to body temperature to avoid sensitivity and an antibacterial powder called Erythritol to completely clean the teeth.

Here you can see  the lower teeth all cleaned up. The process is fast and painless,  from a patients perspective the teeth “feel” great afterwards.  There is some research that suggests results extend beyond the simple act of cleaning the teeth and  that the powder we use helps to reduce the rate at which bacteria multiply and re grow on the teeth after Guided Biofilm Therapy.

white teeth with braces on but no plaque present
Clean Teeth after completion of GBT

Finally here is the whole  GBT  treatment completed, with  all bacteria gone and a clean fresh healthy mouth. Our hygiene team can typically achieve a result like this with a teenage patient wearing braces in just 20 -30 minutes.

The main aim is to help the patient look after things more effectively day to day themselves but  the full airflow clean  up also gives you as a parent  the reassurance that at least today the teeth are cleaned to perfection!

If you are curious to know more take a look at the Guided Biofilm Therapy page on our main  website, or just ask any of our clinical team who will be more than happy to share their knowledge.

Dental implant surgery – a guide for nervous patients

For some people, going to the dentist can be an anxious time and they may even put off dental treatment. It is not uncommon to be nervous about visiting the dentist, especially if you happen to be visiting for dental implants.

Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh

At Craigentinny, we appreciate that some patients are afraid of the idea of oral surgery – especially when it involves dental implants – and for this reason we offer sedation dentistry in Edinburgh.

Overall, dental implants are less painful than other oral treatment and the operation itself involves minimal discomfort. In many cases, pulling a tooth or root canal treatment, can be substantially more painful than receiving dental implants with the help of sedation dentistry in Edinburgh.

Your sedation options

The placement of dental implants is a relatively comfortable procedure under local anaesthetic but very rarely some bruising, swelling or mild discomfort can be expected over the following days. These side-effects can be alleviated with standard pain medication.

Patients who get nervous about dental implants, can benefit from oral or IV sedation. Both methods are extremely safe. With oral sedation you will take a pill just before the operation (or a few hours in advance). Patients who decide to have oral sedation will remain awake during the operation. Oral sedation makes long and complex procedures seem shorter, allowing patients have all their dental work done in a single visit. As an added precaution, a local anaesthetic will also be administered by the dentist, in order to ensure that there is no pain or discomfort.

IV sedation, on the other hand, involves administering the sedative straight into the blood stream. This way patients relax almost immediately and experience no pain or discomfort during the implant surgery. As IV sedation is much stronger than oral sedation, it should always be administered by a trained dentist, who will also be checking the vitals of the patient throughout the procedure. Patients who have undergone IV sedation should remain in the company of a responsible adult for 12 hours following the procedure.

Want to have dental implants but you are worried about pain and discomfort? To learn more about sedation dentistry in Edinburgh, contact us today and we will guide you through the procedure step-by-step.

What does a dental hygienist in Edinburgh do?

A dental hygienist is the right hand of a dentist since they are in charge of providing hygiene work on patients. Dental hygienists are also trained to provide minor dental work on patients and are in charge of removing plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gums. Last but not least, dental hygienists provide patients with helpful tips and instructions on how to take good care of their teeth and gums.

Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

At Craigentinny, dentists and dental hygienists work closely to provide high-quality services to our patients. Your dental hygienist in Edinburgh is in a way a second pair of hands for the dentist.

What are the main responsibilities of a dental hygienist in Edinburgh?

Dental hygienists are in charge of the process known as a ‘clean and polish’ which involves cleaning teeth of plaque, tartar (hardened plaque) and stains with the help of special tools. However, our dental hygienists will also examine your teeth and gums thoroughly to ensure that you do not suffer from gum disease and tooth decay. Moreover, they will look for abnormal nodules in your oral cavity.

Your dental hygienist in Edinburgh is responsible for documenting and reporting all their findings to the dentist. They can also provide local anaesthesia to patients when needed (provided they are sufficiently trained), and our hygienists are also trained in taking dental impressions. With this range of services on offer, you can see that they are an important part of our dental team.

Our dental hygienists are also in charge of providing our patients with information on dental and oral hygiene. Your dental hygienist in Edinburgh will show you all the right ways to brush and floss your teeth and will warn you of the consequences of poor oral hygiene. If you want to learn more about smoking cessation, your dental hygienist in Edinburgh is the person you should direct your questions. They can even offer advice on the ways in which your diet can affect your dental health, and adjustments you can make to improve it.

Want to learn more about our dental hygiene services? Don’t hesitate to call our friendly team at Craigentinny today.

Know before you go – what to expect at your dental appointment

Choosing a new dentist may seem stressful, but it does not have to be that way. At Craigentinny we care about your needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable dentists offer a variety of dental services for children and adults alike. We are passionate about dentistry and we offer the best customer care possible.

Dentist in Edinburgh

If you are feeling anxious about your first visit to the dentist in Edinburgh, we will help you relax and have the best experience possible in the dentist’s chair.

We want to know you better

At Craigentinny, we are all about building trust and providing the best treatment possible to our patients. Before your examination, our dentist in Edinburgh will ask you questions that will help us know you better. Your dental and medical histories are very important. If you are a new patient, we will take a detailed past dental history along with x-rays. The more details we have about your oral and your general health, the easier it will be for our dentist in Edinburgh to create a balanced treatment plan. Moreover, we want to know if you suffer from any medical conditions that could impair your oral health, such as diabetes or heart disease, so that we can customise your treatment plan even further.


As part of your dental check-up, we will examine your teeth very carefully. Our dentists and dental hygienists will examine your teeth, gums, neck and soft tissues thoroughly. They will look for possible oral complications such as tooth decay and gum disease, before devising a solid treatment plan. During this time, we will also examine your mouth and neck for signs of oral cancer.

Treatment plan

Once our dentist in Edinburgh examines your mouth thoroughly, they will provide you with solutions to any dental problems you may have. Your treatment plan will take into consideration your dental and lifestyle needs. At this stage, it is important to raise your concerns or ask any questions you may have. Your treatment plan is really important since it will have a profound impact on your oral health and any goals you wish to achieve.

Contact us

To learn more about our dental services, give us a call.

Braces in Edinburgh: a guide for adults

In recent years, teeth straightening has become very popular among adults. Dental health knows no age limit and it is very common for patients to seek teeth straightening treatment later in life – even if they had braces as children. However, the biggest worries for adult patients who seek teeth straightening are treatment time and appearance. Not everyone likes the idea of a metal smile, and not everyone has time for lengthy treatments.

Braces in Edinburgh

Advances in materials and techniques make braces in Edinburgh accessible for anyone, including adults who are self-conscious about their smile. At Craigentinny, clear braces are hardly noticeable because they are designed specifically for adults. Whether you opt for Six Month Smiles or the Inman Aligner, our experienced dentists will ease you through every step of the treatment.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles treatment works just like traditional braces, but focuses only on the front teeth without altering your bite. This teeth straightening system is very subtle and ideal for adults who wish to change the appearance of their front teeth, since it consists of clear brackets and thin tooth-coloured wires.

The low-force pressure and short treatment time (6 months on average) result in fewer visits to our practice, saving you time and discomfort. Six Month Smiles usually costs less than traditional braces and is ideal for patients who want to straighten their teeth for a special occasion (i.e. a wedding, a graduation, a job interview).

The Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is not a new treatment – in fact, it has been used for quite some years now, but has recently gained popularity due to its subtle appearance over metal braces. This simple, removable and powerful appliance works much like a standard retainer but instead uses an innovative alignment system of opposing forces to correct misaligned or mild to moderately crooked teeth. Results are obvious in only a few weeks provided that you follow your dentist’s instructions closely.

Time to schedule a consultation

If you are an adult interested in braces in Edinburgh and you have questions about their functionality, you are welcome to book a consultation appointment with our dental team.

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be scary

If you can’t remember when the last time you visited the dentist was, your oral health may be at risk. No matter how careful you are with your daily oral hygiene routine, plaque can hide between hard-to-reach places in your mouth and if not removed properly, it will cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh

Regular dental visits are a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are skipping your dental appointment because you are afraid of the dentist, there is no need – at Craigentinny you can have the treatment you deserve with the assistance of sedation dentistry in Edinburgh.

Common reasons behind dental phobia

Dental phobia is natural and as long as it hasn’t reached the stage where medical help is required, it can be easily conquered. What makes some of us more afraid of dental visits than others are fear of pain, loss of control, and past experiences gone sour.

People who are afraid of the dentist are more likely to have many dental problems, which can lead to serious oral health issues. Fear and avoidance of the dentist are also triggered by pain. Luckily, sedation dentistry in Edinburgh can help.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry employs medication to help patients relax and remain calm during various dental procedures. Also known as ‘sleep dentistry’, sedation dentistry is safe, effective and painless. Patients will feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair and will even be able to communicate with the dentist throughout the treatment.

At Craigentinny, we offer different types of sedation dentistry in Edinburgh to our patients. Depending on the dose provided by our dentists, sedation can be minimal or moderate. Sedative medications can either be taken through the mouth (oral sedation) or through a vein (IV sedation). IV sedation, in particular, allows our dentists to adjust the intensity of the sedation throughout the procedure.

Regardless of the type of sedation you receive, we also provide local anaesthetic at the site of the mouth where the dentist will work.

Want to learn more about sedation dentistry in Edinburgh? Contact us today and we will book an appointment for you.

Oral hygiene techniques – brushing your teeth properly

For most people, brushing their teeth is a reflex, since they have been doing it for many years. However, there is a fine line between brushing our teeth in general and brushing them properly.

Dentist in Edinburgh

If you are not confident about your oral hygiene techniques or you do not know how much time you should spend taking care of your mouth each day, then visit our dentist in Edinburgh for advice.

Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists at Craigentinny, will teach you all you need to know for your oral hygiene.

What to avoid

If you are brushing your teeth violently using a back-and-forth motion putting too much pressure, chances are that you are increasingly damaging your tooth enamel. Most people think that brushing their teeth aggressively will help them get rid of food remains and bacteria, but the truth is that this motion is actually harmful to the gums and tooth enamel, especially if you are using a hard-bristled toothbrush.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, this brushing technique won’t clean your teeth properly. This is because the bristles do not enter in-between your teeth and gums, thus cannot remove food remains and bacteria effectively.

Step up your brushing

As your dentist in Edinburgh will advise you, choosing the right toothbrush is really important. You should avoid hard-bristled toothbrushes because they can destroy your tooth enamel. Instead, opt for a soft or medium-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste containing fluoride.

Your dentist in Edinburgh will show you how to brush your teeth effectively using soft, circular motions, so that all sides of your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. We also show you how to brush and scrape your tongue for fresh breath.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t forget to floss your teeth every single day for optimal gum health. Both your teeth and gums need to be kept clean and plaque-free in order to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Your oral health is our priority

Besides helping your smile and mood, good oral hygiene can also lead to better general health. That’s why brushing properly is really important. If you are not confident of your oral hygiene routine, contact us today.

Treatment combining for a perfect smile

Expedience and invisibility are two keywords when looking for braces in Edinburgh. Traditional braces are highly effective; however, our patients have found that the time taken and the concession to looks is off-putting. Thanks to innovations in brace design, targeted solutions have been created that reduce treatment time. In addition to expediency, most straightening apparatus are made from tooth coloured brackets and wires or are made from clear plastic, creating braces in Edinburgh that are discreet.

Braces in Edinburgh

At Craigentinny Dental Care we offer 3 such solutions that have been picked due to their targeted approach.

Inman aligners

Inman aligners offer the quickest approach to teeth straightening, offering results in as little as 12-18 weeks. The braces consist of two spring-loaded bows that push against the teeth whilst the apparatus is formed from a thin metal wire and clear plastic. Although not completely invisible they are very discreet. They target only the front 6 teeth or ‘social 6’ and don’t correct overbite so can offer great results, quickly. Completely removable, they make eating and cleaning easy.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles, similarly to Inman aligners, don’t correct overbite but concentrate on straightening teeth. They are fixed in place, using white plastic brackets and tooth coloured wires, rendering them highly discreet. They take between 6 months to 2 years depending on your specific aims. However, they are highly effective, creating long lasting results for misaligned teeth.

Invisalign Aligner

Invisalign is the most ‘invisible brace’ on the market. Made from clear plastic, the bespoke aligner fits tightly against the teeth. They gently move teeth into their new position over 9 to 18 months using a series of aligners.

During an initial consultation, we will discuss the best straightening option for you. Once your teeth have been realigned, we can use other dental techniques to perfect the look of your teeth. We can address the shape of teeth and gums; including cosmetic treatments such as veneers to even the look of teeth or give your teeth a youthful lustre with teeth whitening.

Braces in Edinburgh could be the start of a journey to the smile you have always wanted thanks to our multidisciplinary approach to dental practice.

Options for a nervous patient at the dentist

If you feel anxiety at the thought of visiting the dentist, you are certainly not alone. Many people feel some degree of trepidation. At Craigentinny, we know that some people end up not taking care of their teeth when they should because of the fear that they feel about treatment. This can often lead to poor oral hygiene. Fortunately, we also know that there are options that can help, like sedation dentistry in Edinburgh.

Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh

We offer a free, 20-minute chat to patients who want to consider options like sedation dentistry in Edinburgh. This can be combined with a consultation but, for some people, it’s easier to just come and have the chat. That way, you know that during this visit, you definitely won’t have any difficult experiences. We can talk to you about what will work for you. Everyone’s experience of anxiety is different and may involve various triggers. You don’t have to know what causes you to feel the way you do in order to get help. We offer general support that will help you in any case.

Our e-course

To start your journey with us, you don’t even need to visit the clinic. You can sign up for our free 7-day e-course online via our website. This provides you with insights and tips that are designed to make you feel better about making your first appointment.

Sedation dentistry in Edinburgh

Most people feel better about the dentist when they know they are going to be comfortable and calm. Sedation dentistry can take a few different forms and we will tailor a plan to fit your needs. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be completely unconscious during a procedure, you may just feel more relaxed.

We ask you questions during your first visit to check whether sedation dentistry is appropriate for you and to help us decide what recommendations to make.

Here to help

The important thing to remember is that the team at Craigentinny are here to help. You will not be judged for either your level of anxiety or the amount of time it has been since you visited a dentist. We are just happy to see you and to be able to provide support.