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Worried about having braces fitted? Different types of braces we can offer you at Craigentinny in Edinburgh

Say the word ‘brace’ to most dental patients and they will make a quick exit from the room. The negative connotations that surround braces are almost universal and many patients are unaware of the different types of braces available through advances in dentistry.

Braces in Edinburgh

At Craigentinny, we are aware that being told you need braces in Edinburgh can feel daunting but fret not. At our surgery, depending on the severity of your misalignment, our dental team will be able to offer you different types of aligners and braces, to help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

Cosmetic braces

It can seem like a strange idea, but many adults and even teenagers are able to undertake cosmetic braces in Edinburgh. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces which help restore functionality and correct malocclusions, cosmetic braces help straighten the teeth at the front of your mouth, to enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

So, what are the different types of brace or aligner we can offer at Craigentinny?

Inman aligner

The Inman aligner is a removable, clear brace that has an accelerated treatment time. One of our more popular braces in Edinburgh, this aligner uses coil springs and opposing bows to guide the teeth into their new position.

After it is fitted, you will be required to wear it for 16-20 hours a day and you will need to have regular check ups every 2-3 weeks. The treatment time with the Inman Aligner varies, but most cases are completed within 6-18 weeks.

Six Months Smile

This brace does exactly what is says on the tin; the average treatment time for the Six Months Smile brace is 6 months, with many treatments being shorter.

A brace that is suitable for anyone over the age of 16, who has crooked, spaced or moderate misalignment, this brace can either be removable or fitted, depending on the severity of the malocclusion.

The aligners or braces are made of a soft, flexible plastic, to provide you with maximum comfort throughout your treatment and the Six Month Smile aligner provides you with a faster and more predictable outcome than other aligners.

Clear braces

The most popular type of brace used in adult cosmetic dentistry is that of the clear or invisible braces. At Craigentinny, we are proud to be able to offer our patients the famous Invisalign braces, to provide a discreet way to correct their teeth in a minimal amount of time.

Clear braces are removable and must be worn for 20 hours a day to be efficient. As they are both removable and invisible, these are the best option for people with busy schedules or jobs that rely on a flawless appearance.

The average treatment time of the Invisalign aligner is 12 months, but with the slightly longer regimen time comes more predictability and a reduced time wearing a retainer post treatment.

Call us today for more information on our cosmetic braces.

Need a new dentist in Edinburgh? 5 reasons you need to join the Craigentinny Dental Care practice

When hunting for a new dentist, it can be easy to just pick the one nearest to your home or place of work as a matter of convenience. Indeed, the majority of dental patients across the UK choose their dental practices in this manner and while it may save you a bit on travel time and cost, it is not always the best way, especially if you are looking for a particular treatment.

Dentist in Edinburgh

At Craigentinny Dental Care, we offer all of our patients a wide range of services; everything from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. We have been regarded by our patients as a high-quality dentist in Edinburgh for over 25 years and we aim to make all of our patients comfortable, by providing a friendly and compassionate atmosphere. If you are looking for a new, compassionate and professional dentist in Edinburgh, join Craigentinny today!

Our care for nervous patients

Nervous of the dentist or know a family member who is? We offer a range of services, both in surgery and out, to make the most phobic patients comfortable.

Using modern technology, we are able to make all procedures you have with us as painless as possible and if you are truly phobic, we can offer you intravenous sedation to help you cope with any dental treatment; just fill out our online form before your visit!

We offer an e-course and a nervous patient programme, to help you conquer your fears outside of the practice at your own pace.

Cosmetic surgery we offer

Cosmetic surgery is booming in popularity and at Craigentinny, we are eager to provide our patients with the most advanced cosmetic dentistry available.

We offer everything from teeth whitening to dental implants, and our dental team can even provide you with wrinkle reduction services to keep your face looking youthful if you desire.

In relation to pricing for our cosmetic services, you can either pay for your surgery upfront or take out a dental plan with us to help you spread the cost over several months.

Family dentistry

What kind of dentist would we be if we didn’t cater to the whole family? We offer bespoke treatment for children, such as fluoride sealants, along with providing both you and your children with a friendly, family oriented atmosphere, without judgement or critique.

Flexible opening hours

Your life doesn’t operate 9 to 5 and neither do we. We open extra early on specified days of the week and stay open later than other dental practices, to give you that extra flexibility in your day.

We also aim to see all emergency patients on the same day.

Our high standards

At Craigentinny, our high standards of care have kept our surgery as a family favourite for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on taking time with our patients and ensuring that they are aware of and happy with all the dental work and professional care that we offer.

Prevention is better than cure The benefits of visiting a dental hygienist at Craigentinny Dental Care

Prevention has always been better than cure and when one considers dental health, many issues seen by dentists and experienced by patients could have been prevented at an earlier stage.

Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

Maintaining a high level of oral hygiene is more than simply brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day and if you have additional dental needs, such as wearing braces or using dentures, you will require more specialised treatments to keep your mouth in tip top condition.

At Craigentinny Dental Care, we can offer you the highest quality preventive treatments available; our dental hygienist in Edinburgh can provide you with top to bottom preventive dental treatment, regardless of the condition of your teeth or your gums.

Why is visiting a dental hygienist important?

While visiting your general dentist twice a year is part of dental health maintenance, if you are at a higher risk of conditions like gum disease or require personalised dental treatment, you will need to visit a hygienist at least once a year.

Our dental hygienist in Edinburgh is an important member of our dental team and provides a valuable service to all of our patients. Alongside providing services like a scale and polish, our hygienists also undertake more complicated dental cases too.

If you have been referred by a member of our dental team to our dental hygienist in Edinburgh, they can provide you with the following preventive services.

Scale and Polish

A scale and polish procedure is both a thorough cleaning of your teeth and a preventive treatment.

When plaque forms on the teeth, it can be hard to remove with a manual toothbrush alone. Accumulations of plaque can lead to issues like tooth decay and gum disease, it is important to remove stubborn plaque and tartar.

During a scale and polish, an electric scaler will remove built up plaque or tartar. This will dislodge the plaque on the surface of the teeth and in between the teeth. Next, a hand scaler will be used to remove plaque from between the teeth. Then, a thorough clean or polish is conducted on the teeth, to remove any stubborn surface stains.

Fissure sealants

To prevent tooth decay, our hygienists may apply a sealant to the surface of the tooth, to harden the enamel. It is typically applied to the molar or ‘back’ teeth and is painted on to the tooth.

Topical fluorides

If there is evidence of caries or cavities forming on a tooth, the hygienist will apply a topical fluoride. This will mineralise the tooth and prevent the development of cavities. It also kills cavity causing bacteria on the tooth.

Personalised advice and techniques

If you have braces, you will require specialised cleaning twice a year with a hygienist alongside advice on how to maintain your braces.

This also applies to people with dentures, dental implants, partial bridges or those patients who are diabetic, pregnant or undertaking certain medical therapies or treatments.

Scared of visiting the dentist? How our dental team at Craigentinny can help you get back control

When the thought of visiting your dentist for a check-up brings you out in a sweat, be aware that you are not alone in this world.

Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh

In a survey of phobias experienced around the world, fear of the dentist or ‘dentophobia’ usually comes in the top 10 most commonly reported phobias, with more than 60% of all dental patients reporting some degree of worry about an upcoming dental visit.

This trend has not gone unnoticed by dental professionals; many dentists, NHS or private are now trained in how to manage nervous or phobic patients and strive to balance a professional approach with being compassionate and caring.

At Craigentinny, we offer services for our most phobic patients. If, however, your phobia is incredibly severe, we can offer you a service known as sedation dentistry in Edinburgh.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is exactly as it sounds, one of our dental team will inject you with an intravenous (IV) sedative before your dental procedure, to minimise your anxiety and allow you to forget any uncomfortable aspects of the dental treatment. You will remain partially conscious but will be unaware of the sounds, feelings and procedures happening around you. When the sedative wears off, usually within 24 hours, you will have minimal recollection of the procedure and therefore, you will not feel any fear upon recalling it.

At Craigentinny, we use sedation dentistry in Edinburgh when our patients fear of the dentist is preventing them from seeking help for painful dental conditions, that could pose a risk to their health. However, we also use sedation dentistry in Edinburgh if requested by a patient or their relatives for any procedure, just to ensure minimal distress to the patient. We recommend that before you undertake any form of sedation, that you inform our dental team about any underlying conditions you have, any medications you are taking and to ensure you have a family member or a friend to take you home after the procedure is completed.

Benefits of sedation dentistry

At Craigentinny Dental Care, we want you to feel safe and secure when you undergo any dental procedure. If you are fearful of the dentist, you are probably actively avoiding attending any type of procedure.

Unfortunately, even the most diligent brushers cannot prevent dental issues from occurring and if you have underlying dental problems, you may unwittingly be making them worse. IV sedation offers you the opportunity to undergo any dental procedure with minimal fear and allows us to assess the condition of your teeth and to perform the required work.

Many of our former phobic patients have reported feeling an increased sense of trust with our dental team for being able to offer the sedation upon request. We will not judge the condition of your teeth or your gums, so you do not have to worry about receiving the dreaded ‘lecture’ from any of our dentists!

Want to straighten your smile? Braces and alignment options we offer at Craigentinny Dental Care

When you are told by your dentist that you may need braces to help realign your teeth, you may feel disheartened. If you are an adult, the idea of undertaking this form of dental treatment may not align well with your current career plans or you may feel worried about how others will judge you.

Braces in Edinburgh

Luckily, as dentistry has evolved, so have orthodontic treatments, especially when treating adult alignment issues with discretion.

At Craigentinny Dental Care, we can offer aligners and braces in Edinburgh that are guaranteed to not interfere with your career or upcoming photoshoot.

Invisible braces – what are they?

If one of our dentists has told you that you have mild to moderate alignment issues in your mouth, you may be suitable to undergo treatment with one of our available brands of invisible braces in Edinburgh. Invisible braces are exactly what they say on the tin; they are made from clear, flexible plastic and are customised to fit over your teeth. They work by gently pushing your teeth into the desired position and unlike traditional braces, they do not pull your teeth or cause any pain.

These braces are typically removable and do not impact on what foods you are allowed to consume or interfere with your dental hygiene routine; you just take them out, brush and put them back in! Our dentists can advise you on which brand of invisible braces in Edinburgh you will be most likely to benefit from.

Inman aligner

Your dentist may decide that you are suitable to undertake treatment with the Inman Aligner if you have misalignment or crowding at the front of your mouth.

It is removable and when correctly used, can straighten your front teeth in as little as 9 weeks, depending on your alignment issue. It combines the use of nickel titanium coil springs that power two aligner bows that gently work against each other; this allows minimal discomfort throughout treatment and also speeds up the treatment process.

You will be required to wear this aligner for 16-20 hours a day and will need to undertake check-ups of its progress every 2-3 weeks.

Six Months Smile aligner

As the name suggests, this aligner’s average treatment time is around 6 months and like the Inman aligner, it also treats crooked, spaced or crowded teeth.

The Six Months Smile aligner is much easier for general dentists to fit and requires less maintenance than traditional metal braces. Depending on the severity of your alignment, your dental team may decide to offer either a fitted or removable aligner, both of which will achieve the desired smile in around 6 months.

When fitted, the Six Months Smile aligner is colour matched to your teeth, so it is hard for others to notice with a naked eye. The removable aligners are usually clear and have to be worn for up to 20 hours a day for you to benefit from them.

Need a new dentist in Edinburgh? Reasons to join Craigentinny Dental Care

Many dental surgeries at a glance seem the same. If you have perfectly straight teeth, you may not be considering more from a dental practice than a biannual check-up and may not be too worried about the other services that they provide.

Dentist in Edinburgh

However, if you are nervous of the dentist, want to undertake cosmetic dental procedures or just want whiter teeth, then you should join Craigentinny Dental Care!

Our dentists in Edinburgh are able to offer services to both private and NHS patients and can provide you with every service you could ever require under one roof!

General services we offer

As previously mentioned, our dentists in Edinburgh cater to both NHS and private patients; we offer general dental services as standard for NHS patients which includes check-ups for adults and children, fillings, root canals, dental cleaning and tips on maintaining oral health.

We do not offer hygienist treatment as standard to NHS patients, but it can be provided to NHS patients for an additional fee in line with our private dental costs.

Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic dentistry has never been more popular and our dentists in Edinburgh can offer a wide range of cosmetic options to our private patients. NHS patients are welcome to undertake our private cosmetic options, but should be aware that these options are not covered under the NHS.

Our cosmetic dental options include the ever popular in surgery whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, resin bonding and Inman Aligner or Six Months Smile aligner for discreet teeth straightening. Please note that before undertaking any cosmetic procedure, your dentist must deem you suitable to undertake the procedure; this applies more to the two realignment procedures, the Inman Aligner and Six Months Smile aligner.

Nervous patients

Regardless of your age, going to the dentist for a check-up can be unnerving.

If you have had a bad experience in the past with a dental professional, just let our surgery team know and we will be able to help you manage your fears in a compassionate and professional way. If you require sedation, we will be happy to offer this option too. Please ensure you bring a family member or friend along to the surgery to help you home after any form of sedation and do not operate heavy machinery or drive for 24 hours post sedation.

Family dentists

It is well researched that the earlier children are introduced to the dentist, the less nervous they will be in their later life and the better their overall dental health will be.

If you have young children, feel free to bring them to our surgery in Edinburgh to introduce them to our team. We advise bringing your children for their first dental visit when they are 12 months old, to ensure they become accustomed to the sounds and smells of the dental surgery from a young age.

Call us today to join Craigentinny Dental Centre or book your first appointment online.

Ask Your Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh About Good Oral Health Practices

Having a good dental routine can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your teeth in their best condition. But most of us still struggle to keep up a regular deep cleaning schedule and as such, stains and gaps start to appear over time from numerous issues caused by poor maintenance.

Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

That’s why at Craigentinny Dental Care we’ve came up with a few things your dental hygienist in Edinburgh might recommend you try to keep those pearly whites at their peak.

Brush often

It may seem pretty obvious, but it would surprise you how many people still don’t routinely brush their teeth. Our recommendation is that you give your teeth a good scouring at least twice a day, in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed are the best times to do it.

If you can fit in more than twice a day then that’s great, just make sure you aren’t too vigorous with your scrubbing though as it can wear down the protective enamel layers of your teeth if you’re not careful.

Don’t forget your tongue

Another good tip from you will get from your dental hygienist in Edinburgh is to give your tongue a regular brush as well. This is because plaque can also build up there throughout the day, which in turn creates numerous other problems over time like bad breath.

A gentle rub once a night will usually solve this.

Add to your routine

Brushing alone is still good for your teeth, but adding in things like flossing and mouthwash will also help to keep your smile looking its best. Most over the counter bottles and packets of floss do a good enough job at removing any hard to reach plaque, just make sure to use them at least once a day.

A good brush makes all the difference

The type of toothbrush you use can also have quite an effect on how clean your teeth can be. The majority of people use manual brushes, which still do a great job, but an electric brush is worth a consideration. These offer a deeper clean as their vibrating tips can help to dislodge plaque and tartar from gaps you might not be able to reach normally.

Electric brushes are also a great choice for those that might have problems with mobility, like the elderly or young children just learning to brush, as it does all the work for you.

Regular check-ups

We can’t stress enough how important it is to come to the practice to see your dental hygienist in Edinburgh as often as you can. Booking regular appointments helps you to keep on top of any ongoing issues.

Just one of these is a great way to preserve your smile, but the more you include the better!  If you’re looking to improve your daily dental routine, then why not try making a few of the changes we mentioned above to help keep your breath fresh and your teeth sparkling for years to come.

Are you a nervous dental patient?

If you have sleepless nights worrying about visiting the dentist before any treatment, then we feel that sedation dentistry in Edinburgh could be for you.  Caring and compassionate, our team at Craigentinny Dental Care offer a whole range of options to help you through your fear. 

Sedation Dentistry in Edinburgh

We offer ways to help that are specific to the needs of each patient, to reflect the individual and the unique dental treatments that are required and one of these options could be sedation dentistry in Edinburgh.

What exactly is a fear of the dentist?

If you are nervous about visiting the dentist you are not alone, research has found that there are over 60% of people who do not visit the dentist regularly due to a range of fears, from mild dislike to extreme panic.

Telltale signs of dental phobia can range from sweating to real distress, and signs of panic. Some patients may even miss their appointments, which in turn will make things worse as this could lead to needing more treatments in the long term.

The fear of the dentist could be due to a traumatic dental experience in the past, fear of loss of control or possible conditions such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia.

What can be done about fear of the dentist?

We offer a whole host of solutions to ease you through any trauma you may feel about coming to see us.  Initially, we will offer a consultation so that we can find out from you exactly what it is that is bothering you about any treatments.  Through discussing your fears with our experienced dental professionals, this will be the start of us working together to find the best options for you that are specifically tailored to relieve any worries that you may have.

Sedation dentistry in Edinburgh uses medication to help patients relax during dental treatments and procedures. It comes in various forms such as minimal sedation, where the patient is awake but relaxed, right through to general anaesthetic, where the patient is fully unconscious.

Our team use sedation dentistry as just one of our tools for helping those fearful of the dentist, to ensure that we provide a well-rounded service to tackle fears and anxieties specific to each patient.

Dental health warnings about dentist phobias

We know how important it is for patients to visit our practice regularly, if they do not come in for check-ups or to see our hygienist there is a much higher risk of disease and other problems down the road. 

If a patient does not have a regular dental health regime, any treatment down the road will be a lot more intense. So it makes sense to deal with dental phobias head-on together with our dental team, to produce a plan to help the patient through this issue.

Happy patient and healthy teeth

Nobody wants to go through life not having healthy teeth and fresh breath because they are too scared to visit the dentist.  So don’t suffer in silence, just give us a call.

What is a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienists in Edinburgh deal with the preventive side of dental health. At Craigentinny Dental Care our dental hygienists in Edinburgh  offer the regular range of health care procedures whilst also educating patients as to the best way to look after their teeth at home.

Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

We have found that probably the most important aspect of preventative health care is to keep teeth free of plaque, plaque is a sticky coating which can form constantly on teeth and, if left, can lead to tooth decay.  Our hygienists professionally clean our patients’ teeth by removing plaque and tartar and will work with the dental team to produce a plan of dental care that is specific to the needs of the patient. 

What else can a hygienist do within a dental practice?

Our dental hygienists in Edinburgh can also sometimes carry out some other dental procedures, such as extracting ‘baby’ teeth and sometimes take dental X-rays. But their main volume of work is dedicated to the application of fissure sealants, applying fluoride varnishes and administering fluoride treatments. Both of our hygienists are qualified in impression taking and local anaesthesia.

Does every dental practice have a dental hygienist?

Not every practice has hygienists, but more and more of them do offer this service.  We know how important prevention is for good dental health and we see this as an integral part of our service to all patients. A good home dental health regime and regular professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar will result in a much cleaner mouth in general, which in turn will help to keep your mouth healthy and breath fresh.

Can a hygienist help prevent disease?

This really is the aim of all dental hygienists, prevention is always better than cure and we know that it is so important to remove deposits of tartar from the teeth and educate patients as to the best way of preventing it coming back. This, in turn, will ensure that the patient will not get gum disease or other complications.

Tooth decay can also be slowed down by a better diet with less sugar and a smart home dental care routine of brushing twice a day and flossing in between teeth to keep the teeth and mouth healthy.  We also often recommend giving up smoking, as research has also shown that smokers are more likely to get gum disease than non-smokers.  Our hygienists will be able to help you with advice as to the best ways of giving up smoking.

And enjoy your clean mouth!

We endeavour to help patients with all aspects of their dental healthcare and our hygienists are an integral part of our overall mission.  The prize of a healthy clean mouth with fresh breath is there for the taking and our dental professionals are all there to help you with your specific needs. Through a tailored plan of preventative measures and a willingness to pursue a good oral health care regime at home, our patients will soon have the fresh, clean smile they have always wanted.

Choosing dentist in Edinburgh for you

We know that choosing the best dental practice for your needs can be confusing at the best of times and that is why the Craigentinny Dental Care make choosing a dentist in Edinburgh easy, by offering a full range of dental treatments..

Dentist in Edinburgh

We have numerous years of oral care experience, thus ensuring that all the services we offer to our patients is of the highest quality.  New visitors to our clinic are made to feel comfortable with the knowledge that our dental professionals want to offer a whole dental journey that is as smooth as possible.

New and nervous patients

Caring and compassionate, our dedicated dentists offer a whole range of options for the specific needs of each patient, to reflect the individual and the unique dental treatments that are required.  And if you are nervous when visiting a dentist in Edinburgh, our team will allay all the fears you have ever had about any dental treatments.


We have a full and abundant selection of dental services to choose from, including cosmetic dentistry which includes teeth whitening, teeth straightening, veneers, implants and bridges to name but a few.  Our dentist professionals will be able to help you decide what it is you require for your specific dental needs and help you to feel much more confident about your first visit to our dental clinic.  Whether you need a cosmetic dentist or a simple check-up and once over, you will feel safe in the knowledge that you will be in the good hands of dental professionals with years of experience between them. 

Prevention is better than cure

Of course, as with most things, prevention is better than cure and this is no different in the eyes of any well-established dentist in this part of the country.  To this aim, we offer a whole host of preventive dentistry measures such as those for dental hygiene, treatments for bad breath and bad gums, solutions for sensitive teeth, services for solving jaw problems such as teeth clenching and grinding and special treatments for pregnant patients.

Of course, the best oral health care is the regime that you do for yourself at home.  We always recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing or using an alternative to keep your teeth clear of plaque and bacteria.

Enjoy your chosen dental practice!

It can be a real knock in self-confidence when a patient is embarrassed about their yellowing or crooked teeth. But in these modern times, the road to straight teeth and a white confident smile can be made so much smoother, through new innovations and dental technology. Our dental professionals will ensure that they will be with you every step of the way as you head towards your utopia of a beaming white smile. It is awful when someone feels the need to hide their mouth with their hand when talking or laughing, because they feel so self-conscious. With new technology and innovations, help for almost any cosmetic dental problem is always at hand.