Facial Rejuvenation

Gently easing the signs of aging and completing a  facial rejuvenation is a subtle skill.

At Craigentinny we take the same holistic approach to facial aesthetics as we do to our dental care. We know that the greatest majority of our patients want to look their best without making it obvious that they have had  “something done.”   To achieve this it is important to look at the face as a whole not just in sections and devise an approach that  creates a  natural, dynamic look without everything looking rigid and frozen.

The aging process leads to loss of volume in many areas of the face, some are more noticeable than others but together they create the total appearance. Our experienced team understand the process and can  guide you through this to identify the simplest and most minimally invasive treatments to create a more youthful appearance.   Our fillers are all certified, safe based on hyaluronic acid which is a substance naturally present in the body to deliver  reversible results.

Our core team have been part of Craigentinny for more than two decades, building relationships with our patients so that we can incorporate your likes and dislikes in to any care that we provide.   Over time we can help to fine tune any facial rejuvenation to your preferences.

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