Types of Teeth Whitening

Natural White Tooth Whitening

This treatment will improve the shade of your teeth to their natural lightest shade. You will notice a brighter and whiter smile without making the change really stand out. If you  simply want to turn the clock back  and make your teeth a similar colour to the way they were 10 years ago this is the perfect treatment for you. Results are usually visible after one or two nights and last for up to 7 years.

Deep Bleaching

This is for the whitest results, this will get your teeth to the lightest and whitest level possible. This treatment really will make teeth sparkle and shine as light as they can possibly be. This is normally achieved with extended bleaching protocols with our specially designed whitening trays.

Maintain your new whiter smile  for Life

Natural Whitening or Deep Bleaching results last on average 7 years, over which time colour will  slowly fade back to its original level. However by simply “topping up” your whitening, if it is needed, once per year you can maintain a beautiful white smile. Many of our members simply top up their whitening annually to maintain their best appearance. Our dentists monitor your initial tooth whitening and so can check your tooth shade at any future visit and offer guidance on the best time to top up

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening, Dental bleaching, and  tooth whitening are essentially the same thing. The aim is to give you a more  confident brighter whiter smile both safely and quickly.  We offer a range of the most  up to date systems for  teeth whitening in Edinburgh. You can choose between natural  results or go for a prolonged and deeper bleaching. Deep Bleaching has been shown to create results to rival and often better  many systems such as laser whitening,  Zoom2  or Britesmile.  Now if you are looking for  tooth whitening in Edinburgh, you can choose exactly how far you would like to take your tooth whitening. Our deep whitening system can boost your smile dramatically and  create a result where you will see a significant improvement in the colour of your smile.  We want all of our treatments to be stress free and comfortable  which means that you are much more likely to enjoy the experience. For this reason we  choose the products that we offer to our patients very carefully and avoid many of more aggressive laser type whitening treatments. Our at home  professional whitening systems use custom made whitening trays that you can use  while you  sleep. Results take around 14 to 21 days   to reach their peak.  While the results are more gradual with this approach they are longer lasting with an average time to fade back being around 7 years.

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