Implant Denture Stabilisation

Many denture wearing patients tell us that they hope implants  will  stop their  dentures from moving around and feeling loose when they are chewing, speaking, smiling and even kissing! In short they want their confidence to face everyday life back. Denture fixatives do help  hold upper dentures in place a little better but add little to a lower denture that is loose. What’s more very few people like using them. If any of this  sounds familiar than Denture Implant Stabilisation may be what you are looking for

The Lower Cost Dental Implant Solution

Stabilise Loose Dentures

If you have dentures that make chewing difficult or move around when you eat or smile we can probably help. It is entirely possible to use a small number of implants  ( usually 2-4 ) to stabilise your denture making it firm and comfortable in use. This can help to restore your confidence eating, speaking and smiling in public at a lower cost than full implant bridgework.

Implant Denture Stabilisation EdinburghHow Denture Stabilisation With Implants Works

This image shows a typical denture stabilisation on the lower jaw. 2 implants are  used with attachments that work in a similar way to press stud fasteners on clothes. These lock in to a second part that is fitted to the inside of the denture and can be adjusted for more or less retention. On the upper jaw we usually use 4 implants that are linked together.

Stabilisation of a problem denture with implants is best suited to full upper or lower dentures although modern techniques also allow us to look at improving partial dentures too.

Bespoke Consultation

Dental Implants are a complex subject and every person is different. As general dentists we are experienced in the full range of dental options and will be pleased to assess your situation and discuss the full range of choices that you have available to you. At a consultation we can chat to you about stages in treatment, approximate costs and timescales. To find out more why not book a free implant consultation:


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To Solving Your Denture Problems

Why Have Your Implants With Us

Quite simply, we are here for the long run, our Dental Practice in Edinburgh has been open for 25 years. The practice owners and many of the team have known each other and worked together more than 20 years,  so we will continue to be here on your doorstep to provide support maintenance and help whenever needed. While most implant treatment is uneventful, occasional complications do occur and our team is right here in Edinburgh ready to help should the need arise.

Our senior clinicians are members of the Association Of Dental Implantology, the body that is generally credited with setting the standard in implant care in the UK.  All of our dental team also maintain full UK Licensing, and registration with the General Dental Council as well as extensive insurance for your peace of mind.

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