Implant Denture Stabilisation

If you have dentures, particularly lower dentures that feel as though they are  moving around and feel loose when you are chewing, speaking and  smiling that affects your confidence them then denture stabilisation may be able to help.  You may have tried denture fixatives  to  help  hold things in place and although they help on the upper jaw,  they  don’t do much to help a lower denture that is loose. It may just be that  you do  not  like the feeling that comes with using denture fixatives or adhesives.  If any of this  sounds familiar than Denture Implant Stabilisation may be what you are looking for.

The Lower Cost Dental Implant Solution

The most commonly suggested implant solution is “all on 4”   this is  a fixed bridge supported by  4 or more implants. While undoubtedly the most effective implant solution, the costs associated with that treatment are significantly higher. Denture stabilisation uses  a small number of implants  ( usually 2 ) to stabilise your denture making it firm and comfortable in use. This can help to restore your confidence eating, speaking and smiling  more affordably that using  other implant options  such as supported bridgework.

Implant Denture Stabilisation EdinburghHow Denture Stabilisation With Implants Works

This image shows a typical denture stabilisation on the lower jaw. If treatment with 4 or more implants is out with your budget,  2 implants can be   used with attachments that work in a similar way to press stud fasteners on clothes. These lock in to a second part that is fitted to the inside of the denture and can be adjusted for more or less retention.  Stabilisation of a problem denture with implants is best suited to full upper or lower dentures although modern techniques also allow us to look at improving partial dentures too. See our video below of one patients journey using this treatment

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Dental Implants are a complex subject and every person is different. As general dentists we are experienced in the full range of dental options and will be pleased to assess your situation and discuss the full range of choices that you have available to you. At a consultation we can chat to you about stages in treatment, approximate costs and timescales. To find out more why not book a free implant consultation:

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