We believe in providing quality dental care at affordable prices. Our fees are based on the time taken to complete a treatment,  using the most effective techniques and the finest materials. Private treatments have extended guarantees that last from 3-5 years.

If you’d like to spread the costs over time, we have a range of interest-free and low- cost payment plans available, just ask your dentist, or speak to  one of the reception team.

Children are treated free within the NHS and Adult NHS fees can be seen here. NHS treatments usually have a 12 month Guarantee

A full written estimate of all treatment recommendations will be provided for your approval before any treatment is provided.

Item Description Fee Maintenance Plan
Examination (New patient) Full oral examination, medical history and any necessary x-rays, plus a treatment plan. £74
Dental Health Review Full examination + any x-rays and treatment plan £44 Free x 2
Hygienist Visit 30 Minutes guided biofilm therapy cleaning £89 Free x 2
Membership Plans several available – our most popular plan Monthly £23.90
Silver Fillings from £58 20% discount
White Fillings Front Teeth from £64 20% discount
White Fillings Back Teeth from £64 20% discount
Resin Bonding (Composite Bonding) Per tooth from £286 20% discount
Tooth Whitening take home kit £355 20% discount
Cosmetic crowns from £541 20% discount
Cosmetic Veneers from £634 20% discount
Cosmetic Bridges from £566 20% discount
Inman Aligner from £1450 excluded
6 Month Smiles from £2006 excluded
Invisalign / Clear Braces from £2078 excluded
Root Treatment (includes x rays and filling) Front Teeth from £243 20% discount
Root Treatment Front Tooth (includes x rays and filling) Premolars from £291 20% discount
Root Treatment Molar (includes x rays and fillings) Molars from £446 20% discount
Extractions (not surgical extractions) from £114
Full Denture from £598 20% discount
Partial Dentures from £395 20% discount
Dental Implants from (full assessment required) £1350 excluded
Dental Implant Crowns from £1350 excluded

Membership Plans

We offer a range of membership plans which can help to spread the cost of your routine dental care. Find out membership plans.

Spread the cost of treatment

You can spread the cost of treatment over 12 -36 months (subject to approval), please ask our team for more information