Confidence and Smile Boost

Cosmetic dentistry can give you that confidence and smile boost that you are look great. We focus on cosmetic dental treatments that protect the health of your teeth.

We offer a range of minimally invasive treatments, some of which require no injections or tooth removal. From tooth whitneing, to resin bonding, to short term orthodontics. Our skilled and experienced team look after you from start to finish.

Rest assured we are passionate about helping you get the smile you want while protecing your dental health.
Get started with a free consultation and your dentist will discuss what you hope to achieve, examine you thoroughly and then offer a range of tooth friendly cosmetic dental options to meet your goals.

This is just a tinysnapshot of what we do, why not contact us for a Free No Obligation Consultation? Just scroll down and enter your details.

Inman Aligner Before and After
Tooth Whitening Results
Resin bonding to improve the appearance of teeth
Cosmetic Dentistry Edinburgh

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Our approach has helped many of our patients enjoy a smile makeover  without the need for injections or drilling away substantial quantities of otherwise healthy teeth why not book your free consultation below.

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The 9 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Asking a Dentist For a New Smile
These mistakes include ignoring the most obvious solutions, choosing the wrong type of veneers for your teeth, and failing to plan for the future.
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Other Cosmetic Dentistry Available

White Fillings Tooth coloured and life like, the metal free alternative.
Tooth Whitening Make your smile whiter brighter and more youthful.
Porcelain Veneers The original solution to squint teeth and in some cases still the best.
Crowns Strengthen broken teeth
Resin Bonding To improve the appearance or alignment of your teeth.
Inman Aligner Fast, cost effective tooth straightening for Adults
Dental Implants Now considered the gold standard in replacing teeth

Unsure how you might look after cosmetic dental treatment?

Why not ask our team to show you the possibilities. We can now enhance a photograph of your smile to show you how your appearance will change after treatment.

Cosmetic Dentist Edinburgh

When providing   Cosmetic dentistry  to our patients, we believe we offer something really different. Our dentists know that you can create beautiful smiles using modern tooth friendly techniques such as resin bonding or the Inman Aligner, without many of the downsides of  older treatments  such as veneers or crowns. Many of our patients have written  testimonials and thank you notes to our  Edinburgh based dentists describing how their  treatment  promoted their  confidence  and self esteem. If you are looking for  whiter teeth, straighter teeth, shorter teeth, longer teeth or a indeed  full smile makeover then we would love to meet you. The  range of  Services  by our dentists in Edinburgh include  resin bonding an alternative to dental veneers. These can be used  to straighten teeth, repair chipped, broken or heavily discoloured teeth. Our dentists can also provide  dental implants which are an ideal solution to replace missing teeth and are used to support crowns, bridges or secure dentures in place. As members of the Association of Dental Implantology  our Edinburgh dentists  are continually developing their skills and reviewing their results to make sure that the care that we offer is in  line with the most up to date thinking and best practice.  Our stated goal in every situation is to achieve a result  where  your final resin bond, veneer, crown, bridge or implant looks as close to the real thing as possible.