Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy  is a great example of the constant progress in dentistry. There is growing evidence that the old fashioned “Simple Scale and Polish” is of limited value  by its self. New research points to something called Biofilm as the actual cause of Gum Disease and Tooth Decay . Biofilm is not always easy for you or us to see with the naked eye.  It is a mixture of bacteria that form on your teeth and their waste products. Everyone has  a slightly different mix of bacteria in their biofilm that will make you more or less at risk from tooth decay or gum disease, our team of Guided Biofilm Therapy clinicians in Edinburgh can help you discover yours and more importantly help you to get rid of it. There is  growing evidence that the bacteria found in the mouth play a significant  role in the development of  Heart Disease, High Blood pressure, some bowel cancers  and  Alzheimer’s disease.

The new research demonstrates how important it is to identify the biofilm in your own mouth and make sure that it is removed thoroughly. Our team has invested in training in the most up to date evidence backed procedures to identify and remove biofilm for you. The good news is that most patients tell us  that the treatment is much more comfortable  and faster than the more traditional approach. What’s more when Guided Biofilm Therapy is carried out with the right materials and equipment it can help to  reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease for up to 90 days.   It is not a substitute for good home care but as part of the process we help you to figure out the fastest and easiest home care routine.

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Our team are committed to providing the very best evidence based dental care possible and we are proud to be  one of the first practices in Edinburgh to offer Guided Biofilm Therapy




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