Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are usually the very last teeth to erupt  right at the back of  your mouth.  Human jaws are often too small for all 32 natural teeth to erupt so, as the last ones to arrive, the wisdom teeth often  get stuck partially erupted or to erupt in a poor position. When this happens, food  can get trapped between the erupting wisdom tooth and its neighbor leading to decay, or  infection can establish below the  gum  that lies over the partially erupted   wisdom tooth.

If  it becomes clear that the wisdom teeth will not erupt to a good position, or if there is evidence of decay staring on neighbouring teeth it is wise to consider wisdom tooth extraction. Our dentists can assess your situation and advise on whether it is likely that your tooth will erupt to a good position  given time, or whether wisdom tooth removal would be a better option.

Many people  worry  about this procedure but in many cases it is more straight forwards that you might expect.

For more challenging situations  our  specialist oral surgeon  can obtain detailed 3d x rays if necessary and  provide wisdom tooth removal under sedation. Many patients have told us that sedation for an extraction, makes the process a lot  less stressful. You remain conscious throughout but usually remember very little of the procedure.

Our  clinics for  wisdom tooth removal and other oral surgery  run every second fortnight and we are usually able to provide an initial consultation within 2-3 weeks. You can request a consultation  appointment with our oral surgeon using the form on this page.

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