Ten Questions To Ask Before Anti Wrinkle Injections

In recent times injections used  to reduce the visible appearance of ageing have been making the headlines largely due to their use by unlicensed or unregistered practitioners in non clinical settings. Resorbable  fillers, are used to  restore volume to areas of the face where skin has lost its tone or has creased. They can also be used to increase lip volume or definition. Generally, in the right hands they are a safe discreet and effective way  to get a little boost in confidence or appearance.  However any medical intervention does come with some attached risks, which untrained or uninsured practitioners may not be equipped to deal with. Many of our ten questions should come up naturally  in the course of a consultation but  here are ten questions you might want to ask before undergoing any anti wrinkle injections.

1. Where were you trained to do this and what qualifications do you have

Doctors or Dentists spend a lot of time learning about facial anatomy, yet even with this  they undergo additional training before providing anti wrinkle treatments. Their original qualifications mean they have detailed  anatomical knowledge not only of  the injection sites but the surrounding areas. Sound knowledge of the human body as a whole   is  the first step to  avoiding  problems.

2. Are you insured to carry out this treatment and if so by whom?

All dentally or medically  qualified practitioners will carry insurance for the treatment they perform, this is for your peace of mind and benefit as a patient. Insurance companies generally will only provide cover to appropriately trained individuals.

3.What Material will you be using?

Almost all practitioners now use resorbable fillers made from something called hyaluronic acid. This is naturally present in the body in some form, the intectable types are modified so that they have differing consistency and  will last for different lengths of time.  Always look for a practitioner using reputable products from well known companies, a  google search will identify the most common and reputable branded  products for each area of the face

4. Do I need a separate consultation first?

If you have not had treatment with a practitioner before your first visit should only be a consultation to discuss your aims, what might be possible, the procedure/s needed. It is important that at this stage you also discuss  the risks and benefits of your planned treatment.  Reputable practitioners will insist on this and be loathe to provide any treatment until you have had time to reflect on the visit and information provided

5. Can you tell me what is in your emergency drugs bag?

Thankfully allergic reactions to  hyaluronic acid fillers  are very rare, however in the right settings the practitioner will hold comprehensive emergency medical kits designed to deal with a full range of medical emergencies from a simple faint to a severe allergic reaction.

6. What aftercare is provided as part of my treatment?

Before  starting treatment  talk to your practitioner about what  aftercare and support they provide should something go wrong. A reputable practitioner will be open to discussing this with you.  Alarm bells should ring  if someone  tells you not to worry because nothing ever goes wrong.

7. Can you show me before and after pictures of your own work?

This is really important, heavily filtered instagram pictures are one thing but a reputable practitioner will be able to show you lots of photographs to illustrate their work be it lip fillers or dentistry.

8. What are my anaesthetic options?

Many  patients opt for treatment with no anaesthetic at all, some fillers have local anaesthetic that numbs as you inject but you should also be offered topical anaesthetic cream or a local anaesthetic injection

9. How long will results last?

It is impossible to say with total accuracy how long results last for because everyone metabolises ( breaks down ) hyaluronic acid at a slightly different rate,that said there are different grades of filler some lasting longer than others. Any reputable practitioner will clearly state that they cannot “guarantee” you the exact look you want but if it is your first treatment then you may be encouraged to try a shorter acting filler until you are sure you are happy with the results. When it is time to repeat the process a longer lasting product can be used.

10. Finally there are some things that really do need to be discussed

before treatment so you should expect to receive information on

    • information on the exact brand name of product to be used and and expected volume needed for treatment
    • a discussion about possible side effects
    • full in advance estimate of costs
    • how long results might  last for

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