Preventing Dental Problems

Nobody wants to have tooth decay or gum disease. For that matter who wants an extraction or  a filling if they can avoid it? So why then do so many of us end up needing a filling every so often or suffering from bleeding gums. Is it just down to luck?  The question we always want to help you answer is WHY is this happening? And more importantly what can be done to prevent it.

There are many factors that influence your personal risk of experiencing dental problems.  Working together we can help you to take control of many of these and reduce  your risk of future problems.  Our teams  knowledge can  help you enjoy  improved health and the reduced costs that   preventative dental care can bring: If this sounds like your type of dental care, why notget in touch.


Gum Disease

Gum Disease is also known as Periodontal disease, this affects the gums and structures that support your teeth. It slowly erodes the bone around your teeth. If left untreated, it can progress to the point where the teeth become loose.  Bleeding gums, bad breath, sore gums, red gums are all signs that this might affect you. Gum disease is now linked to a whole range of whole body health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and even alzheimer’s.


Tooth decay

Did you know that your risk of tooth decay is controlled by  8 factors that work together. Once a tooth has decay, there is no going back, it has to be attended to. The sooner, the better. Left unattended, decayed areas increase in size and destroy more of your tooth but with the right interventions you really can make decay a think of the past for your family.


Tooth wear

Do your teeth regularly chip or break? Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold or worn?  Causes of tooth wear range from habitual tooth grinding to certain foods in your diet to general health problems.  Our team can address these problems and help you take the steps to preserve your smile while it is still beautiful and healthy.


Our preventive dental practice in Edinburgh looks after the local areas of Portobello, Leith, Duddingston and Musselburgh and provides dental hygiene in a relaxed and friendly environment. Whilst we are able to  provide complex and  cosmetic dental care, we pride ourselves on helping patients keep their teeth for life by looking after their teeth and gums. Bleeding gums or sore and red gums are a sign of possible gum disease (periodontal disease) and should be dealt with quickly. Each time you come to see us we will monitor your dental and gum health, so over a period of time our hygienists can see if your gums are getting better or worse. Healthy gums are vital for keeping your teeth for life and preventing bone loss. If gum disease goes untreated this can lead to the gums receding. As your gums recede the bone underneath them usually erodes too. Once you have lost a significant amount of bone then teeth can become loose and ultimately without treatment, fall out. This is of course the worst case scenario of poor dental health, but visiting our Edinburgh Dental Practice for regular preventive care can help to prevent this.