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Dental fear or dental phobia is much more common than you might imagine. Despite this many patients have told us how they feel “alone” with their fear and worry that they will be made to feel embarassed or ashamed of their teeth. At Craigentinny no one will find your dental fears funny or pass judgement on your situation, you will simply find a team of people committed to helping you to move forwards and address you dental fear with compassion and respect.

Nervous patient programmeWe know that every person has a different set of fears or phobias so our nervous Patient programme is specifically tailored to your needs using the many years of experience our team has. No matter what level of dental fear or dental phobia you have, we will work to address your worries and concerns and help you to find a way around them.

This is done in a relaxed manner at your own pace. Over time we find that the vast majority of our nervous patients become both happy and confident attending the practice. Our dedicated Nervous Dental Patient Programme is evidence of our genuine interest in helping you.

We love it when our patients are finally able to say “I am no longer afraid of the dentist.” As a  bespoke solution tailored for each person we think it is really Your Nervous Patient Programme and  what’s more it is surprisingly affordable. Although we aim to help all patient who suffer from dental fear, our Nervous Patient Programme specifically is a private treatment option to allow us to dedicate the time and resources necessary to creating a programme just for you.

The Nervous Patient programme is best suited if you want to beat your dental fear without the need to use medication or sedation and If you would like to know more about what happens at the first visit why not take a look at a short video about this…..there are no images of dental treatment, or dental surgeries, just me standing and chatting.

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