Mouthguards for Sport

Red and Blue Mouthguard

Custom made mouthguards give the best protection in contact sports

Mouthguards For Sport

A Mouthguard or sports guard is an essential bit of kit for any contact sport.  Even for younger children with baby teeth preventing trauma to these is important as the adult teeth are usually developing right below them.  Over the counter  mouthguards are a popular choice for many sportsmen and women but in truth they do not do the same job as a custom made mouthguard. A few key differences are…..

Over the counter mouthguards have  an average thickness of 1.5mm  while  custom guards  had 3+mm of protection to absorb impacts. Several studies have highlighted much lower injury rates to players wearing custom guards when  compared to players wearing over the counter ones.  While custom guards do cost a little more, at Craigentinny Dental Care we positively want all of our younger patients to have these to protect their teeth if they play contact sports.

Our experienced team will take the necessary impressions and  carefully fit your mouthguard. After all a comfortable mouthguard is one that gets worn! Fees  start from just £40

To organise a custom made mouthguard for your child  call  0131 669 2114 or request an appointment or contact us.

We can usually have a mouthguard ready to go in less than 5 days from impression and offer an express service if necesary

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