Digital Consultation

This page allows us to complete a digital consultation for you to give you a better idea of what may be achievable with minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatments.  Please be aware it is not a substitute for a full clinical consultation and any advice provided is at this stage without the benefit of x rays  which may change the treatment plan or indeed affect what  treatment  is appropriate for you.

Uploading photographs – please follow these tips

  • don’t hold the camera too close – the teeth should be in focus
  • well illuminated- try standing in front of a window for natural daylight
  • if the teeth are over illuminated you cant see where one tooth starts and the other stops
  • each image can have a maximum size of 5Mb
  • if you have x rays feel free to attache them

Digital Consultation Form

Best telephone number to call

What problem have you identified with the appearance of your teeth

If we had a realistic magic wand what would you like the result to be

Have you considered any treatment types already?

Is there a photo / video you can take with your smartphone to help us? (5Mb per file limi -max 25MB)
Teeth Together and say EE From front
Teeth Together and say EE From left
Teeth Together and say EE From right
Mouth open looking up at edges of upper front teeth
Mouth open looking down at edges of lower front teeth
Other eg x rays 1MB limit

Yes I consent to my personal data being collected and stored as per the Privacy Policy.