Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

This gentleman worked in sales and had worn a partial denture for many years when he joined the practice, we examined his mouth and bite carefully and discussed his options. The gentleman decided that he would like to  consider an adhesive bridge rather than a dental implant for the sake of speed, cost and also to avoid surgery. The bridge was prepared, impression taken and sent to our laboratory, around  10 days later the bridge was fitted  which was then made over 2 visits.

Before Adhesive Bridge After Adhesive bridge

The lady shown in the photographs below  had felt conscious about her smile since one  tooth erupted in the wrong place in her teenage years and another one failed to appear at all. After a  careful analysis we agreed to remove the misplaced tooth and organise orthodontic treatment to align the teeth, at the end of this process 2 adhesive bridges were made to fill the spaces with teeth of the correct shape and size. This is a simple example of what can be achieved with adhesive bridges

Adhesive Bridges Before
Before orthodontics and adhesive bridge After orthodontics and adhesive bridge

The Benefits 

Bridges are  fixed in place so that they cannot be removed easily. Many denture wearers who swap to a  bridge comment that they enjoy  increased confidence to laugh or smile without worrying as they once did about their denture moving.

Custom Made

Bridges are used in many areas of the mouth both at the front and back. As each bridge is hand made it is as unique as you are and will be created to work in harmony with the rest of your  teeth.


Bridges are individually made by a technician who will characterise the porcelain to match the rest of your teeth. This allows the bridge to be natural looking and usually undetectable to your friends and family