Covid 19 Mask / Face Covering Policy

As a healthcare facility we have to create a secure  environment that is safe for patients and staff alike. We have many layers to creating this safe environment and masks / face coverings are just one part of a complex range of procedures that we have put in place.  While we aim to tailor our dental care to meet your  specific needs as closely as possible, our mask/ Face Covering Policy and Covid secure procedures are one area where we have very little flexibility open to us.

Why we have this policy

We treat patients across the spectrum of health. Thankfully many of our patients are in robust health, but we also care for many  people with extremely complicated medical histories. To patients in these high risk groups Covid-19 presents a very real danger to them at a personal level and in addition being in a space that “feels unsafe” to them can be  a huge source of anxiety. As such we seek to create an environment where even the most fearful of patients feels safe attending for treatment. This is why we ask all of our patients to wear a mask in the communal areas of the practice. With advanced warning this can mean only needing to wear a mask for less than 1 minute to go from the front door to your surgery.

If you have a medical exemption from wearing a mask or face covering

  • we may require confirmation of this.
  • we will ask you to wear a visor instead to travel from the front door  to the surgery  and again on the way out.
  • we will happily provide a visor if you do not have your own
  • we will aim to limit your time in the communal areas of the practice

If you are unable to wear a mask, face covering, or visor please contact the team in advance as we many not be able to admit you to the building and may need to defer your care until such time as the Covid-19 situation is less critical or alternative arrangements can be made.

Please note that any person  attending the practice   who does not   wish to wear a  mask/face covering or visor and  who has not contacted the team in advance will not be admitted to the building

Examples of acceptable  face coverings are anything that covers you nose and mouth  such as, a scarf, a buff/ neck warmer pulled up, a paper mask, a cloth mask.