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The Cosmetic Revolution

Cosmetic dentistry has been a hot topic for a long time. 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover have created greater awareness of cosmetic dentistry and what it can do.

One thing that you rarely hear talked about on these programmes is what we call the “restorative cycle.” Put simply, just how long do you think that your new smile will last?
The truth is that crowns, veneers or any artificial material that is placed in the mouth by a dentist has a lifespan. Nothing lasts forever no matter how well it is done. The actual lifespan of any treatment will vary hugely from one person to the next. For example what you eat, how well you brush, or floss, whether or not you grind your teeth will all have an effect on how long things last.
As a Preventive Dental Practice we don’t like it when teeth need to be drilled! We believe that any treatment should have as long a restorative cycle as possible.
So if you want straighter and whiter teeth. You usually have 2 options
1. porcelain veneers
We prefer moving the teeth orthodontically and whitening rather than grinding the teeth down for veneers. Why?
Veneers will probably get you to the end result a little faster, but you should plan on replacing them every 7 to 15 years. Considering the averge female born today is expected to live for 81 years that means quite a few sets of veneers in a lifetime. generally veneers need removal of some natural tooth to make space for them and each time the veneers are replaced there is the potential for a little more tooth to be lost.
Compare this to the orthodontic option. If you move the teeth to the correct position and retain them there, the result will be lifelong. There is no porcelain to chip, or become stained at the edges and usually the teeth are left untouched. When the total cost to you over a lifetime is calculated the orthodontic option wins hands down. No one solution is right or wrong, and there are still situations where porcelain veneers or crowns are the right treatment. Make no mistake change is coming. New technologies and approaches such as the Inman Aligner and 6 Month Smiles are gradually superceding more traditional aproaches to the smile makover.
Here are the results for just one patient that we helped at Craigentinny Dental Care.
All done with No INJECTIONS, and NO DRILLING away of healthy tooth.
As well as moving the teeth we did use one extra technique to get this result and i will talk about that soon.

The Secrets Of 1 Hour Whitening

Tooth whitening in an hour fact or myth? Lots of people ask me if 1 hour tooth whitening works or not. The fact that at present we don’t do 1 hour tooth whitening as a standalone treatment in the practice probably tells you a lot about my views on this. I have spoken to patients who will argue a case for both sides. On thing that you need to be aware of if you are having this done is that your teeth will get whiter just by being dried out for an hour. And believe me when I say that 1 hour bleaching WILL dry out the teeth.

Take a look at these 2 pictures, we did not do any whitening at all for this lady. We used some layered resin bonding to close a space between 2 front teeth that she was unhappy with. This in its self is fairly routine cosmetic dentistry at our practice in Edinburgh. No injections needed and a relatively short treatment time of around an hour. Low stress for our patient who liked the idea of injection free treatment and loved the final result. Happy patient = happy dentist!

Now look at the colour of the rest of the teeth, you will notice in the after photo that the teeth look much whiter (even allowing for different camera exposure settings.) This is because the teeth had dried out during the treatment. Given an hour or two another photo would show the overall shades of the teeth to be back to normal.

This is the same phenomenon that many people see after 1 hour whitening where the initial results look fantastic but seem to fade back from this level very rapidly. My point here is not to say that 1 hour whitening is bad per se but simply to highlight one risk with assessing before and after colour of teeth on the same day. Colour stability after whitening can take up to 2 weeks to develop depending on the system used.

Natural tooth whitening systems will boost your smile and get rid of the stains that build up over time but if you want the really white look it is still necessary to use a deep bleaching system which mixes together in practice and at home whitening for the best and most predictable results.

Dental Fear or Dental Phobia – A Gentle Introduction

We are right in the middle of some major practice development right now. This goes on all the time along side the dentistry, but the arrival of our Practice Manager last September has allowed Myself and John to allocate more time to improving our services and developing our team. After many discussions with my team about the barriers that keep nervous patients or peole with dental anxiety away from dental practices, we agreed that something was needed to help people bridge the gap between WANTING to see a dentist and actually going ahead and making contact.

As a result our first ever e-course recently went from concept to reality in just 14 days. The information was all there so it was an easy matter to get it organised into bite sized chunks. It was launched on our web site recently already more than 50 participants have completed the course. it has been great to receive e-mails from many of the participants who have found it to be helpful. It is a totally free resource and offers a daily e-mail for 7 consecutive days where we share some of the many tips, tricks and tools that we have used to help dentally phobic patients over the last 20 years. Even if you live no where near us you are welcome to participate. If you know someone who is too scared to see a dentist why not send them the link to the Dental Fear E-course.

It was also a real boost to get such a positive reponse to this idea from the site administrator at Dental Fear Central who helped to test the course and gave some great feedback too. As a resource for patients it is in my opinion up there among the best.

Ideas from our recent practice meeting it also lead us to a radical overhaul of the options that are available to nervous patients . Tomorrow we will be reviewing what progress we have made as a team in helping our patients enter a less stressful world of dentistry. Some of my most enjoyable days happen when we see the practice moving forwards, hopefully this is one.

Dental Implants and The Future

Dental implants are growing steadily in popularity in the UK. For a long time we lagged behind almost every country in western europe in terms of the number of patients who benefitted from this type of treatment. Thankfully now as the implant systems have become more user friendly treatment has become much more accessible.
One of the biggest advances is the availability of 3 dimensional x ray scans of the mouth. Just like whole body scanners that are used in hosiptals, there are now smaller versions that just deal with the jaws and teeth. This means that we can assess with incredible accuracy how much space is availble for a dental implant where before we could only get rough indication. What this now means for our patients is that treatments are more predictatable than ever before.
From the perspective of a preventive dentist, dental implants have bcome a bigger part of our practice in e
Here is one little example of what we can do now

New Mini FIlm For Web

We have wanted to showcase our cosmetic dentistry on our main website for a while now and just struggled to find the right way to do this. I have just received a copy of a mini stills video that does just this. its not the finsihed product bit is definately soemthing better than the traditional before and after shots. What do you think?

Fantastic Lab Work

Received a case back from the Lab team at Edinburgh Dental Specialists today and and was blown away by the quality of the finished product. I can’t wait to see my patients smile when they see the end result. From start to end the lab team have been very supportive and nothing has been too much trouble for them. The end result is a real credit to them. Our office and reception team have also been fantastic in bringing together all aspects of the case.