Home Teeth Whitening – A Review of the Options

There Are many options for whiten your teeth and which one you choose will clearly depend upon your affordability, the time you want your teeth whitening in and held dark your teeth are to start off with.

To help with your teeth whitening decisions we thought we would do some reviews of the whitening options available. Of course these are the teeth whitening systems and options that we use in our Edinburgh dental practice, there are however other systems available.

A review of the teeth whitening options.

One of the simplest and cheapest way is to whiten your teeth is to use smile strips, these are a takeaway option from just £49. There is no need to have impressions at the dentist and you can start your whitening process instantly. Before you can begin whitening with smile strips you do still need to see a dentist to ensure that you are suitable for this treatment. Typically your new teeth will start to look whiter in around three days.

Before and after teeth whitening. (And Inman Aligner)

The next solution is to opt for natural home teeth whitening. Typically this will allow your teeth to whiten to the lightest possible shade ensuring that you have the most confident white smile. This technique uses a whitening bleach which is applied to your teeth each day and held in place with a clear tray. You need to wear this tray for a few hours each day and you can typically start to see results in a few days time. The results with this technique last for many years and in most cases this is the preferred option for whiten your teeth from our practice in Edinburgh.

Another patient before and after teeth whitening.

The next teeth whitening review we will do is for deep bleaching. This is an in surgery teeth whitening which is then topped up with home whitening, the good thing about deep bleaching is that we guarantee that you will reach the lightest shade all we will refund the cost of the treatment fee.

More information on teeth whitening.

It is also important that you review your tooth whitening treatment over a period of time, as you may find that your teeth slowly drift back to their original colour. The good news is that for our patients who become members of the practice and opt for either the natural home teeth whitening system or deep bleaching we will provide you whiter teeth for life with the free teeth whitening top ups. You will need to remain patient of our practice in Edinburgh and certain other terms and conditions apply.