What to do in dental emergencies in Edinburgh

A dental emergency is normally considered to be anything which leaves you in severe pain, this is often through trauma or sometimes a sudden inflammation from an infection.

Dental emergency treatments.

If you are not a tooth out then we recommend that you do not touch the root part of the extracted tooth, try to only touch the Crown (the part of the tooth that you normally would see) this ensures that the tooth stays as clean as possible. Please do not rinse the tooth with bleach or any other form of cleaner, as this could damaged tooth permanently. Simply place the extracted tooth into a container, if you can fill this with milk this is a good way of carrying the tooth.

If your dental emergency has resulted in severe bleeding, then the recommendation is to apply pressure to the. Try rolling up some gauze and placing this over the bleeding area and biting down gently to apply pressure, do not keep replacing because, simply add more and keep the pressure. This will help the blood clot which will stop the bleeding.

If your dental emergency is very severe then we always recommend that you visit the local Edinburgh accident and emergency department.

How does our dental practice in Edinburgh help with emergencies?

We offer a same day rescue and recovery service for the relief of pain and emergency treatment if you have lost a tooth. These same-day emergency dental appointments are normally around 12 o’clock or between 5 and 6 PM. Your fees will not go above £85 and in many instances will be much less than this.

What do we include in our emergency dental service?

  • Emergency dentistry to relieve pain.
  • Necessary x-rays and other tests as required.
  • Full examination and diagnosis of the presenting problem.
  • Same day dental appointment for emergencies.
  • Detailed dental and medical history.

if you need an emergency dentist in the local Edinburgh area, please call (0131) 669 2114 and ask for our emergency rescue and recovery appointment. We are also pleased offer 20% discount on the cost of any emergency treatment if you decide to become a member of the practice on this day, however this is not required to help you out of pain and your dental emergency.

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