Inman Aligner Cost in Scotland

The Inman aligner is a revolutionary new way to straighten crooked teeth in a very short period of time compared to conventional orthodontic treatments.

Our dental practice in Edinburgh has been working with the Inman aligner technique for a few years now and has acquired a great deal of knowledge about how to treat patients to help them achieve their perfect smile.

To help with more information about the aligner we’ve made a short video which discusses this treatment and compares it to other forms of cosmetic dentistry.

The Inman aligner technique is able to achieve quite amazing results in a very short period of time, here is one such example of the patients treated with Inman aligner and showing before and after photographs.

In years gone by crooked teeth were often treated with dental veneers, as you can see from the video above these are still an excellent option however do require the reduction of the small amount of tooth surface in most cases. The Inman aligner provides a minimally invasive way to treat crooked or squint front teeth.

So, how about the cost of the Inman aligner?

Inman aligner costs.

It is not always possible to say exactly how much and Inman aligner costs, it rather depends on exactly your clinical and tooth situation, however a typical cost for either an upper or lower jaw is in the region of £1350, including all necessary follow-up visits and a final retainer to keep your teeth in their new position.

Comparing this cost or Inman aligner to other treatments such as invisible braces or dental veneers shows that this orthodontic treatment is far more cost effective and affordable, not to mention the speed with which you can have your straighter smile and the fact that your teeth don’t need to be adjusted, as is necessary for dental veneers.

Inman Aligner Information

Craigentinny dental practice is a cosmetic dentist in Edinburgh, Scotland with a keen interest in treating patients with a minimally invasive approach to ensure that their teeth stay as healthy as possible and that the cost is as low as possible. The Inman aligner fits neatly with their minimal and healthy cosmetic approach.