Inman Aligner Reviews

There there are many websites and blogs around talking about treatments with Inman Aligner, so in this blog we thought we would give some reviews of the Inman Aligner from some of our local Edinburgh patients (indeed some of our patients come from further afield in Scotland).

Our dental practice does not believe in using stock photographs or reviews from other people’s websites, rather we preferred to show you actual Inman Aligner reviews and treatments from our own patients.

Inman aligner review 1:


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This patient disliked the lower front teeth which were crooked and an even. After treatment with the Inman aligner and some teeth whitening you can see the extraordinary result.

Inman Aligner Review 2.


This patient again this the fact that her teeth were crooked and an even. You can clearly see that the canines (or eye teeth) seemed too high and that the tips of the teeth did not line up. After treatment with the Inman aligner and some resin bonding the smile was even again.

Inman aligner review 3:

” Thank you for everything. I love my smile and feel a lot more confident in myself.” Mrs L B from Edinburgh

Inman Aligner review 4:


This patient has a combination of Inman aligner treatment and dental veneers to straighten her smile. As you can see in this review, the results are once again quite amazing.

Inman Aligner Review 5:

“Quite remarkable transformation… Now I can’t get the grin off my face! The treatment has been a phenomenal success.” Mrs C from Aberdeen

As you can see from the above reviews of this amazing treatment, our dental practice in Edinburgh sees patients from around Scotland. Our reviews are based upon our three certified providers and having treated more than 200 patients with this  orthodontic technique.