The cost of dental implants in Edinburgh

There are four main things that really impact the cost of dental implants:

  1. How many teeth you want to replace.
  2. You want something fixed in place.
  3. Which location missing teeth are in.
  4. The availability of bone.

How many teeth you need replaced affects how much dental implants cost

So, first of all looking at how many teeth you want to replace the cost of dental implant treatments relates quite closely to the number of dental implants used, generally we don’t use a dental implant for every tooth we replace and normally follow this process.

  • To replace one tooth we use one dental implant.
  • To replace two teeth we use one or sometimes two dental implants.
  • to replace three teeth we normally use to implants.
  • If we replace all top bottom teeth usually 4 to 6 implants will be perfect.

The next thing is if you want something fixed in place single teeth are generally screwed cemented down on top of the implant and are fixed as close to permanent as we can get in dentistry. For bridges they can be small involving two or three teeth or large and involve all of your upper or lower teeth, again these can be screwed or cemented into place.

There is also a process we use called denture stabilisation this uses a smaller number of implants and helps to steady a denture particularly a lower one which is loose all wobbly and making chewing and eating a little more difficult. This can be a nice dental implant treatment to help your dentures to be a little bit easier to get along with.

The cost of dental implants depends upon the location

The next factor is the location of the missing teeth, on the upper jaw the bow is a little bit softer and so you may need a few more implants, and of course the greater number of dental implants you have increases the cost of the implant treatment.

On the lower jaw the bone tends to be harder and a bit more dense so we need fewer dental implants. The front of the mouth has a few more considerations of its own, if you have got a very high smile line and you show quite a lot of gum above your tooth then it’s quite important it that the gum lines are matching quite closely. This can involve extra treatments, which then has an impact on the cost of the overall implant treatment as well as the time the treatment takes.

Finally there is the availability of bone, the amount of bone that you have to place the dental implant into depends upon how long ago the original tooth was lost, and also how the tooth was lost. Bone shrinks most rapidly within the first six months after extraction, this does not mean that you can’t have a dental implant, it may just mean that you need to have a few extra treatments such as guided bone regeneration in order to have a new dental implant.

The total cost of dental implants.

The initial consultation at our dental practice in Edinburgh is free, from then on our dental implant costs are as follows.

  • Single teeth dental implants from £1650
  • Denture stabilisation from £3600

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