Did you know your smile can predict how long you will live?

Here is a  fantastic short TED talk by Ron Gutman, full of snippets that perhaps help to explain why so many of us feel that we want to make the most of our smiles.

I talk to lots of people every week about  all aspects of dental health and smile enhancement.  It is noticeable that many people enquire about improving their smile but are worried that they will be perceived less favourably by others if they take action. I always advise the same thing, that any smile changes should be “for yourself” not others.  At Craigentinny we  provide cosmetic dental treatments in a tooth friendly way, preserving natural tooth or using minimally invasive methods.  For this reason Tooth Whitening and resin bonding are 2 of our most popular treatments. Tooth whitening carried out professionally is effective fast and safe. Resin bonding in most cases can be completed without any drilling or removal of your natural teeth.