What options in cosmetic dentistry are available to the people of Edinburgh

Are you embarrassed to smile?

Do you have crooked, dark, chipped or missing teeth that mean you smile with your hand over your mouth?

There are a variety of options for people looking to improve their smile and teeth with cosmetic dentistry and these are just a handful, perhaps you’re aware of more…

Modern dentistry has allowed dental practices around the UK, including our dental practice in Edinburgh, to provide solutions to these problems in often simple, quick and low-cost ways. This blog post explores some of those ways.

Dental bonding with instant veneers.

This type of treatment is perfect if you have a minor amount of cosmetic dentistry that is needed, typically this will be small chips and pits in teeth. Your dentist will thoroughly clean your tooth and then roughened surface with an etching gel.

Once the surface has been roughened the dentist can select a composite material which has a putty like consistency in the correct colour to match your existing tooth. This composite material is then built up in layers to exactly match the surrounding tooth, and repair the defect such as a chipped or damaged tooth.

Instant veneers are in essence the same as this except they often cover the whole of the front surface of your tooth. These rapid veneers can often be done in one single appointment at the dentist and can have a dramatic impact on how your smile looks.

Dental veneers.

These are ceramic shells which are custom made by a highly skilled dental technician, to exactly match the contours of your teeth. They are applied over the surface of your tooth in order to correct defects such as.

  1. Crooked teeth.
  2. Rotated teeth.
  3. Dark teeth.
  4. Badly chipped or broken down teeth.

The dental veneers are a permanent fixture in your mouth and will last for many years if properly cared for by yourself.

Orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth.

In years gone by adult orthodontics were not an option for our patients in Edinburgh to help with their cosmetic dental needs, as the only option was train track braces which many adults did not want to wear.

With the advent of treatments such as the Inman Aligner adults are able to wear orthodontic appliances that move teeth in an unobtrusive and rapid way. This has given the dentist a new way to treat cosmetic dental problems as it is no longer always necessary to use dental veneers which can be more expensive and prone to chipping.

Minimal cosmetic dentistry withTeeth whitening.

This is the simplest form of cosmetic dentistry as it can be used for most patients,  so long as all the teeth are natural and not crowns or veneers. Home teeth whitening tends to get the best cosmetic dental result.

Cosmetic dentistry is now a combination of instant veneers, dental veneers, orthodontics and teeth whitening with the most common approach being known as align, bleach, bond. This is where your cosmetic dentist will align teeth using rapid orthodontics, then bleach them with teeth whitening and finally bond small instant veneers over the surface to correct minor tooth imperfections.

Find out more about the cosmetic dentistry here.

Craigentinny dental practice in Edinburgh is a local practice with many years experience in cosmetic dental procedures, always looking to offer the most minimal amount of dental treatment for any patient.