Dental Implants and The Future

Dental implants are growing steadily in popularity in the UK. For a long time we lagged behind almost every country in western europe in terms of the number of patients who benefitted from this type of treatment. Thankfully now as the implant systems have become more user friendly treatment has become much more accessible.
One of the biggest advances is the availability of 3 dimensional x ray scans of the mouth. Just like whole body scanners that are used in hosiptals, there are now smaller versions that just deal with the jaws and teeth. This means that we can assess with incredible accuracy how much space is availble for a dental implant where before we could only get rough indication. What this now means for our patients is that treatments are more predictatable than ever before.
From the perspective of a preventive dentist, dental implants have bcome a bigger part of our practice in e
Here is one little example of what we can do now