3 Teeth Whitening Case Reviews

A question we are often asked by patients is about whether they can see some reviews of others who  have had teeth whitening completed. Being able to review the effectiveness of any treatment prior to starting is important for any patient, in many cases this is difficult to do, however a great way to review a treatment is to look at before and after photographs of previous patients that have been treated.

In our opinion it is also always best to ask your dental practice to show you images of tooth  whitening of their own patients. Many of the dental material providers to dentists have library images and stock photographs of teeth whitening, of course it is simple for any dentist to show these photographs, what is more difficult is for dentist to show actual cases of patients that I have seen themselves at their own dental practice.

Case 1:

In this teeth whitening u can see that the teeth have lightened considerably in the second photograph. The way we can measure this is by using a tooth shade guide, these are provided by the dental manufacturers and provide a way for us to look at the colour of your teeth before

teeth whitening, and then to review the colour after teeth whitening.

This means that you know for sure that your teeth have lightened as we can calibrate the new colour against a standard shade guide.

Case Review 2:

This case shows teeth lightening in a different context using our take home system.  A nice result obtained gradually where our patient has the ability to stop whitening  early if they feel that the results are good enough.

Case Review 3:

When a dentist shows photographs of cases that they have completed, it is tempting to only show people with completely perfect teeth. However in this instance you can see that teeth whitening is able to make a huge difference to this patients smile.

Not every single person wants to have a Hollywood smile, and rather than try to convince everybody to go over the same homogenous look at Craigentinny dental care we pride ourselves on listening to exactly what the patient wants, and then working with the patient to provide this. In this case, the patient wanted a whiter and brighter smile without excessive amounts of treatment… And this is exactly what they got.

More information about cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening is here.


As you can see teeth whitening is suitable for many patients in many different circumstances, the good thing with using home teeth whitening is that you are able to control the amount of whitening that you want by wearing the trays for a longer period of time.

You will also notice that we prefer to opt for the minimally invasive option, and actually perform the least amount of dentistry. This is apparent in case review number three where we have simply lightened the teeth.