What Has An Olympic Year Got To Do With Dental Fear?

As the weather has turned colder over the last few weeks there really is no doubt that Summer 2012 is gone for good.   I will remember 2012 for many reasons not least of which was my  passing a significant age milestone. I do think however I will remember 2012 most for the Olympics and Paralympics. In combination they accounted for more hours glued to our television that I would care to admit. More importantly then reminded me of  the fantastic things that humans can  achieve when we set our minds to a task.

I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to see the final day of the Olympic regatta and was just one of 30,000 people cheering the Team GB athletes on to two golds and a silver that day.With me in the stands was one of my best friends with whom I used to both row and coach. After the regatta finished I suspect  we were not the only people to reflect on what might have been had we stayed the course in rowing all those years ago.

When I was involved in coaching the thing that I found most rewarding was helping people who had never before competed to any standard in sport and often thought of themselves as un-athletic and helping them to realise potential that they did not even know existed within themselves.

Today I judge my chances of winning olympic medal  as beeing  remote to negligible you may consider your chances of beating dental fear as being pretty slim too.
So what can we learn from the Olympians? I am sure every child who sets their heart on competing at the Olympics realises that the odds are against them from the start. But simply by making small incremental gains in their training and performance