What does a dental hygienist in Edinburgh do?

A dental hygienist is the right hand of a dentist since they are in charge of providing hygiene work on patients. Dental hygienists are also trained to provide minor dental work on patients and are in charge of removing plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gums. Last but not least, dental hygienists provide patients with helpful tips and instructions on how to take good care of their teeth and gums.

Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

At Craigentinny, dentists and dental hygienists work closely to provide high-quality services to our patients. Your dental hygienist in Edinburgh is in a way a second pair of hands for the dentist.

What are the main responsibilities of a dental hygienist in Edinburgh?

Dental hygienists are in charge of the process known as a ‘clean and polish’ which involves cleaning teeth of plaque, tartar (hardened plaque) and stains with the help of special tools. However, our dental hygienists will also examine your teeth and gums thoroughly to ensure that you do not suffer from gum disease and tooth decay. Moreover, they will look for abnormal nodules in your oral cavity.

Your dental hygienist in Edinburgh is responsible for documenting and reporting all their findings to the dentist. They can also provide local anaesthesia to patients when needed (provided they are sufficiently trained), and our hygienists are also trained in taking dental impressions. With this range of services on offer, you can see that they are an important part of our dental team.

Our dental hygienists are also in charge of providing our patients with information on dental and oral hygiene. Your dental hygienist in Edinburgh will show you all the right ways to brush and floss your teeth and will warn you of the consequences of poor oral hygiene. If you want to learn more about smoking cessation, your dental hygienist in Edinburgh is the person you should direct your questions. They can even offer advice on the ways in which your diet can affect your dental health, and adjustments you can make to improve it.

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