What can I expect from getting braces in Edinburgh?

At Craigentinny Dental Care, your local dentist in Edinburgh, looking after your teeth is second nature to us. Achieving the smile you have always wanted needn’t be lurking at the bottom of your to-do list any longer. Craigentinny Dental Care offer a fully comprehensive dental service and are experts at putting the smile back on your face.


Why do I need Craigentinny Dental Care?

If you live within the greater Edinburgh area and are looking for a dentist to trust who will exceed your expectations in every way, both with dental excellence, patient care and well-being, well look no further. We have been delivering an exceptional level of dental care to our patients, both young and old,  for over a quarter of a century. Our reputation has been established by our patients, who trust us to deliver first class dental care. They also realise we have their well-being built into the very ethos of the practice.

Firstly we believe in giving our patients a choice when it comes to their dental treatment, that is why we offer both NHS and private treatment at the practice. We love to offer a wealth of advice on oral maintenance and extol the virtues of good oral health, especially to our younger patients. We need to ensure they establish good dental routines early on in life, as it pays dividends down the road! Regular check-ups always include a screening for mouth cancer, as early detection and treatment can dramatically improve outcomes. Our specialist team of dentists is headed up by our two principal dentists at the practice, Fraser Hendrie and John Booth. They are both highly trained dentists and specialists in their fields of dentistry. The practice employs an integrated team approach and the dentists along with their support team are able to offer a high degree of dental excellence across the sphere of dentistry. From routine and preventive dentistry to restorative dentistry including titanium implants which act as a solid anchor for crowns and dentures, you can be sure we have you covered. When to comes to orthodontics we have a range of braces in Edinburgh to suit your needs. From invisible braces like Invisalign, to clear braces, both removable and fixed. We also provide the latest contemporary technology and materials to enhance your smile, whether it is cosmetic teeth whitening and porcelain veneers you are looking for, or orthodontics and teeth alignment to make your smile more attractive and radiant, you can trust Craigentinny to go the extra mile for you.              

Why do I need to register with a dentist?

If you are new in town and looking for a dentist in Edinburgh or maybe looking for a dentist who can really deliver what you are looking for, it’s time you registered with Craigentinny Dental Care. If you have not been to the dentist in a while for whatever reason then it’s time to register with Craigentinny Dental Care, so we can head off any surprises at the pass before they become a bigger problem for you down the road. If you have not been to a dentist in a while you owe it to yourself to have a check-up and a general clean to improve your breath and dental hygiene.  Look after your teeth – they are one of your greatest assets.