Taking the Fear Out of Dental Appointments

Whether or not we like it, the only absolute method to ensure bright teeth and a healthy smile is to regularly visit the dentist. Millions of Americans nonetheless suffer from a very real form of anxiety and as a result, they often avoid treatments until a significant amount of damage has already been done.

What are some of the reasons why many individuals are extremely afraid of even the most basic procedures?

– Scientists have found that there may be an underlying genetic component associated with such fears.

– Those whose parents are afraid of the dentist are more likely to exhibit the same symptoms.

– Previously negative experiences can also impact fears into the future.

“The British Dental Health Foundation’s dental helpline gets calls from people who are trying to cope with excruciating toothache pain because they are too scared to go to the dentist.” Luckily, there are many things dentists can do to help terrified patients, such as cultivating a gentle bedside manner and keeping frightening-looking instruments out of sight.

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