Symptoms of Tooth Abscess and Treatment

A tooth abscess can be very painful and, if not treated early enough, difficult to cure. Despite taking the best care of your teeth and gums infections can still develop and it is important to recognise the early warning signs of a possible abscess. A recent online article by Dr. Chand lists several symptoms to be aware of with the top three being:

– Red, painful or swollen gums

– Difficulty and pain when chewing

– Mild to severe toothaches

Other symptoms include possible fever or a strange taste in the mouth. Of course, one or more of these symptoms don’t necessarily indicate an abscess exists but they should not be ignored. Healthy teeth and gums lead to a confident smile and any dental concerns should be discussed with your dentist immediately to avert later serious problems.

As Dr. Chand points out it is “imperative to know the symptoms of a tooth abscess” and prevention is always better than cure. Dr. Chand’s article can be read in full at