Scared Of The Dentist – Beat The Fear Cycle

After an extensive search a new dental colleague is joining the Craigentinny Team in the next few weeks. As we have a very special interest in helping nervous patients overcome their anxieties it was very important to us to find a caring dentist who understands the fears anxieties and needs of a nervous or phobic patient. As a result our search took some time, but at long last we are please to welcome Dr David Brown BDS to Craigentinny Dental Care in Edinburgh.
Dave as he likes to be known, is a very experienced dentist with wide ranging interests. After talking to him for a short time it becomes evident that not only is he passionate about his dentistry but that he cares sincerely about his patients. We were chatting recently when we got into a discussion about a problem that we had both identified that keeps many people away from the dentist.

I call it the “Fear Cycle,” it goes something like this,

1. you are scared of the dentist
2. so you don’t go along until you are really having a BIG problem.
3. When you do you find the treatment for this BIG problem incredibly stressful and
4. as a result your worst fears are conformed…….
5. so that you continue to believe that dentistry is scary and you wont be back!
6. Until the next time it happens again—-go back to Item 1

Sound familiar?

Breaking this Fear Cycle is critical to beating your dental fear. Imagine a situation where you had a healthy, gorgeous smile, it is well cared for and each time you visit the dentist, we only have a look around and give things a gentle clean. This is the reality for many people, and preventive dental care can help almost anyone to achieve this.

The trick lies in breaking the “Fear Cycle.” The very best way to do this is to resolve to visit the dentist BEFORE you experience your next dental emergency. When you are going in to see the dentist knowing that nothing has to be done on a specific day you will feel much less stressed, more relaxed and in control.

If you attend this way you will be better equipped to explain to the dentist what it is that frightens you and what support you feel you need from them. At a routine visit rather than an emergency one, your dentist can work with you to create a detailed programme of prevention that can help you to avoid the extreme situation where you experience toothache or severe pain.

Recognising that the best time to visit the dentist is when you are not in pain is big step towards beating your fear.

Here are just 3 things that you could try

1. Find a dentist that is truly interested in treating nervous patients
2. Visit Dental Fear Central it is a great source of advice and support and recommendations
3. Try our free 7 day beat your dental fear eCourse

Or feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of dentists here at Craigentinny who are happy to hear from you in person, by e-mail or telephone.