Recommitting to a Goal

Like many people I have been fortunate to enjoy a few days off over the Easter Bank Holiday Week End. We have traveled  some way to spend some time with family. This  break in the day to day schedule or perhaps a  long journey afford you some time to reflect on things.

The thing that seemed to come to my mind  was the fact that I committed some time ago to doing a  couple of events this year.  The actual events are not that important but they do represent a major physical challenge for a 40 something year old.  Being away from the daily routine gave me just enough  time to allow my brain to start fishing around in its recesses and reminding me of promises I had made to myself.

I recognised that my training to date had not been as extensive as it really needed to be and that I had so far not committed as fully as I needed to to achieve my goals. Time then for the dentist to take a dose of his own medicine!

I shared my thoughts with my long suffering family and explained that I intended to rectify my training schedule and work at it a bit harder. They obviously relished the opportunity to boss me around and encourage me to get on with it!  So what was the outcome….  5 Days away, 3 training sessions and a plan in my diary going forwards to get me back on track.

Like any goal, it is easy to let procrastination creep in or fail to share your commitment with others through fear of failure. It is amazing the change that can be produced  by nothing more than a small conversation with people who want to see you succeed.

No matter what you want to do, be it a long running race, or beating your dental fear, this week end has reminded me of the benefits of setting a goal, sharing it  and committing to it wholeheartedly. If you need someone in your corner to   help you commit to beating your dental fear please just get in touch.  ………and if you make it into see us  before September this year, keep me accountable and ask me how the training is going !

Even top athletes need to remind themselves to commit. Lynsey Sharp at 2014 Commonwealth Games winning a medal in the face of adversity.

Lynsey Sharp