Protect Your Teeth And Your Smile By Avoiding These Bad Habits

Did you know that even the most strict oral care routine could be ruined by inadvertently indulging in certain bad habits?

Key takeaways:

– Fizzy drinks, sparkling water, and energy drinks contain a nasty combination of sugars and acids. Limit their consumption or drink them through a straw so they aren’t in contact with your teeth for too long

– Dryness in the mouth can cause cavities and tooth decay. Breathing through the mouth when exercising and then having a sugary drink is a bad idea. You should also know that snoring and the regular intake of certain medications cause dryness

– Chewing on ice, teeth grinding, teeth clenching when lifting weights, and tongue piercings can cause enamel erosion. Think twice before you do any of that

It’s never a bad time to let your dentist assess your overall dental health and to start caring for your smile on a daily basis.

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