Inman Aligner vs Fixed Braces

There is no doubt that short term orthodontic treatment for adults is currently a hot topic. The ability to rapidly move a limited number of teeth into better position is without doubt an attractive proposition for many adults. A question I am often asked is what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing what seems like a shortcut to the end result.

 The key area is to consider how you view each treatment. For example the traditional fixed braces approach in the hands of an orthodontic specialist will  get you the result closest to perfection. By this I mean
  • all teeth front and back in their optimum positions
  • the roots of the teeth will be neatly aligned in the best possible arrangement
  • the orthodontist will have very close control over the whole process and can move teeth in almost any direction.

The price that you pay for this level of control is time which is why the traditional approach takes 12 -18 months or longer.

Short term orthodontics such as the Inman Aligner  do not tick so many boxes.

  • Generally no attempt is made to change the way your back teeth meet together
  • Movements are limited to the front most teeth
  • While great improvements can be achieved, this technique cannot achieve every single movement that traditional braces can.

For some examples of what can be achieved why not take a look at our Inman Aligner Edinburgh web site

So where do Inman Aligners fit in? overall my feeling is that they should be looked at first and foremost as an alternative to more aggressive cosmetic dental treatments such as crowns or veneers. If I had a choice to improve my smile by moving teeth over 12-18 weeks to a better position or having them ground away to receive crowns or veneers then I would choose the orthodontic option every time. If I had a problem with my bite or the way that my back teeth  met ase well then I would probably lean towards more traditional treatments.

Ultimately the only way to be really sure what the best option for you, is to speak to a suitably qualified professional. A good cosmetic dentistry consultation should follow a framework to make sure things are not missed and our patients leave with all of the information that they need. Here are just a few of the things that we talk about in a Cosmetic Consultation at our Edinburgh Dental Practice

  • what are the things that bother you about your smile
  • what are the most and least important items on your list?
  • a clinical assessment of your mouth
  • a discussion of  ALL of the options open to you as a patient
  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option

Why not tell me what else do you like to speak about?