Inman Aligner Before and After Result

I just thought I would share a nice Inman Aligner result with you. This is a treatment that we recently completed at our Dental Practice in Edinburgh. The treatment  was provided following an initial  consultation where we found out that the main concern was  the crowded front teeth .

The view on the right is taken in a mirror and illustrates the crowding of the front teeth rather well. We discussed all of the available treatment options which included traditional cosmetic dentistry, Inman Aligners, fixed train track style braces, Invisalign or similar Clear Braces.  Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages and I believe it is really important to consider every option before starting treatment. After careful consideration and a good discussion about all of the options our patient opted to have the Inman Aligner treatment.

Here is the final photograph of the teeth after treatment, it was a result that both we and the patient were delighted with.   If you are curious if your smile might be suitable for an Inman Aligner we are always happy to look at photographs by e-mail and reply with our initial thoughts. Just visit our dedicated Inman Aligner Edinburgh web site  to find out how to do this and see a few more before and after examples.
Have a great week!