How Will a Dentist Clean and Polish Your Teeth?

The best way to maintain a set of pearly whites is to visit your hygienist on a regular basis. How will this professional polish your teeth to a bright shine? The traditional approach was to scale and polish the teeth, but newer ways of restoring the sparkle to your smile now exist.

-Traditionally  once tartar is removed, the hygienist will apply a grainy paste.

– This paste is then scrubbed with an electric brush to remove stains.

All that is now changing with the advent of Airflow polishing, that uses  mixture of air , water and fine powders to gently jet wash the stains away. After then any hard remaining deposits can be removed by your hygienist. This usually gets it the nooks and crannies that traditional scaling and polishing cant reach. it is particularly good for smokers, tea, coffee and red wine drinkers.