Guided Biofilm Therapy


Guided Biofilm Therapy Study Day

The team spent a fantastic day this week end with the staff of the Swiss Dental Academy learning about the finer points of one of the most up to date ways to prevent and treat gum problems, Guided Biofilm Therapy. Alison, Jill and Fraser were in attendance and took enough notes between them to fill a telephone directory ( if you are old enough to remember what they were! )

The study day was really useful and has helped us finalise the details of our updated preventive programme within the practice. Our hygiene team are really enthusiastic about this development so don’t be surprised if they are  talking ( even more than usual)  to you about this over the coming months.  We hope that the changes we are making will improve the quality of the periodontal care that you receive, make it better targeted  and bet of all should increase your comfort during treatment. Bold claims I know but watch this space and let us know what you think after your next visit or two.

If you are curious to know more take a look at the Guided Biofilm Therapy page on our main  website, or just ask any of our clinical team who will be more than happy to share their knowledge.


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