Antibacterial toothpaste: good or bad?

Antibacterial mouthwashes are not generally recommended, as they can harm good bacteria on the tongue, which us to utilise essential nitrates from food we eat. Antibacterial toothpastes have less contact with the tongue, so they are considered safe.

When healthy bacteria on the tongue are killed – the bad bacteria run rampant. This can trigger inflammation throughout the body, increasing risk of serious medical problems like heart disease.

– Brush your teeth and floss daily, using a non-antibacterial toothpaste.

– If you are currently using mouthwash containing triclosan, check with your dentist as to its suitability.

– Maintain a healthy diet with plenty of green leafy veggies and beets, which contain nitric oxides.

Nitrates come from vegetables in our diets, such as beets and green leafy vegetables. Read the full story here: