6 Month Smiles

Just back from an exciting few days at the British Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry’s annual conference in Edinburgh. For once it was nice to have a high profile dental event in our home town.

We enjoyed a good few days picking up tips and advice on the most up to date cosmetic techniques from some of the worlds finest clinicians. For me one of the recurrent themes of the conference was that cosmetic dentistry in the uk, thankfully, is moving away from grinding away lots of healthy tooth for the sake of improving appearance towards a more conservative approach where as little is actually done to the teeth as possible. This approach to all dental care has been at the heart of what we do at Craigentinny for the last 20 years so it is nice to see it starting to take hold in mainstream cosmetic dentistry too.

It was also great to spend 3 days in the company of other dentists from around the UK who love what they do and are truly fascinated by their craft.

Our highlight was the 6 Month Smiles certification course which allows us to expand the range of short term orthodontic treatment that we are able to offer our patients. This treatment is designed mostly for adult patients who do not wish to have major bite altering treatment that takes 12-18 months or longer. 6 Month Smiles allows you to improve the alignment and appearance of the front teeth in around 16 – 34 weeks. The 6 Months Smiles system can also cope with some problems that treatments such as the Inman Aligner may struggle with.
The great news is that both systems are now available to our patients.

Finally we are off to the Dentistry Awards tomorrow after being shortlisted for an award, fingers crossed.