Oral health is not just about your teeth and gums and certain symptoms may point to medical conditions that will need to be treated by a doctor, not your dentist.

Some of the most common symptoms to look for and their potential causes are:

– Lots of cavities at once – may be a symptom of diabetes

– Erosion of tooth enamel – could be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

– Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth – might be a symptom of gingivitis

– White spots on the tongue – a possible sign of oral thrush

“Problems with your gums, teeth, and tongue can hint at health concerns deeper in the body” so if you notice anything wrong you should book an appointment with your dentist or doctor.

Read more about these four conditions, their symptoms, causes and treatments here http://www.health.com/oral-health/oral-symptoms#91e274f6-0309-4f45-89fc-0efbd737ab40



Dr. Fraser Hendrie BDS (Glasg.) MFGDP (UK)

Fraser is a Glasgow graduate with over 20 years of experience. He is the one of the principal dentists at Craigentinny Dental Care in Edinburgh. He has a reputation for consistent, high quality work and a love of innovation. Many of Dr Hendrie’s patients travel from the far reaches of Scotland, the UK and beyond. So wherever you live from Portobello or around Edinburgh to further afield he will be pleased to meet you. He is a member of the Student Clinicians of the American Dental Association, British Dental Association, the Association of Dental Implantology, and has studied at the Pankey Institute in Miami on several occasions. Fraser has particular interests in Dental Implantology, Preventive dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and information technology. Fraser has also been admitted to the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners by examination. Fraser is married with two young children and lives in Edinburgh. In his free time he enjoys running, cycling, and kite-surfing.